Anatomy of a World Class R&D Organization

The R&D Anatomy diagnostic provides an overview of the management capabilities that are critical to building a world-class R&D function. Based on individual results, our clients receive customized reports and assessments
designed to help heads of R&D:

  • Map their function's capabilities against a set of world-class peers,
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the R&D organization, and
  • Pinpoint and prioritize key areas of improvement.


Complete the R&D Anatomy Diagnostic tool and score your organization's functional capabilities.

Key Benchmarks

The R&D Anatomy is a comprehensive overview of your R&D organization's performance, benchmarking your organization across 35 functional capabilities in:

  • Growth Planning and Technology Strategy
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project/Process Efficiency
  • Innovation Network/Open Innovation Capabilities
  • Organizational Structure and Design
  • Global R&D/Innovation in Emerging Markets
  • Developing the Next Generation Workforce
  • Innovation Metrics


Scoring and Participation

Scores and analysis are based on the perceived importance of each competency, as well as the perceived effectiveness of the R&D team in that area.

  • Download the R&D Anatomy diagnostic tool to rate your own organization. (Use form above.)
  • Contact us to learn more about receiving a customized assessment of your results

CEB Research & Technology Executive Council

The R&D Anatomy is part of the CEB Research & Technology Executive Council membership package.

CEB Research & Technology Executive Council delivers unbiased guidance and proven tactics that enable R&D executives to improve individual, functional, and corporate performance.