Procurement Diagnostic Suite

The Procurement Diagnostic Suite (PDS) is a comprehensive set of benchmarking surveys that compares your functional performance and maturity against a global set of peers. Based on individual results, our clients receive customized benchmarking reports and service plans designed to help CPOs:

  • Identify opportunity gaps,
  • Develop targeted next steps, and
  • Engage executive teams in constructive planning and allocation discussions.

Download The Evolution of Procurement Performance

We survey our client base annually to build and refresh our dataset. Download our latest report to learn how changes to key performance metrics — like savings rate and spend coverage — are driving procurement organizations to re-allocate their budgets and project portfolios.

Know Where You Stand

Learn how your functional performance compares to peers.

  • Custom reports compare your budget, spend, and ROI data against those of peer organizations.
  • Compare your budget, spend and portfolio maturity against peers of similar region, industry, revenue
  • See how best-in-class procurement functions around the world are allocating limited funds to drive better business outcomes.

Key Benchmarks Included

PDS includes four individual benchmarking surveys to gauge overall functional performance across meaningful KPIs.

  1. Budget and Spend Benchmarking Survey
    Data to make the case for additional resources, defend current resource levels, and determine optimal
    resource allocation
  2. Value Delivery Benchmarking Survey
    Data to illustrate tangible benefits Procurement is bringing to the business
  3. Indirect Category Benchmarking Survey
    Granular, category-level data to better understand how management of critical indirect spend categories compares with your peers
  4. Portfolio Mix Benchmarking Survey
    Data to gauge the maturity of your procurement portfolio versus world-class organizations

CEB Procurement Leadership Council

PDS is part of the CEB Procurement membership package. Contact us to learn more about the 2012 survey results, or to participate in the 2013 survey.

Through unbiased guidance, practical tools and peer perspectives, CEB helps procurement leaders develop their teams, unlock new savings for the business and transform procurement into a more progressive function that delivers sustainable value over time.