CEB Leadership Council for Legal Executives is a membership for innovative general counsel (GCs) who want to optimize the performance of their in-house legal function and business. Our research and insights are rooted in the challenges our members deem most important and span topics that impact your organization's day to day as well as longer-term strategic initiatives. We use relationships and learnings from the best GCs to help you and your team save time and make better decisions.

Our Research Focus

Equipping our members with strategic guidance and tactical tools on the topics most important for their function is at the heart of what we do. We don't just point to where you need to go: we provide you with a roadmap and a suite of implementation tools to get you and your team there. Key topics include:

  • Legal Department and Talent Management
  • Outside Counsel Management
  • Records Management
  • Legal Risk Management
  • Data Privacy and Information Risk Management
  • Corporate Compliance Management

Our Latest Research

As companies become more complex and the need for agile decision making increases, the center of legal risk creation shifts. With 75% of middle managers making legally significant decisions and 60% of them making these decisions without understanding the legal implications, most legal departments are not equipped to manage all of the risks stemming from this broadening class of internal clients. To ensure the business receives necessary guidance, GCs must create a culture of legal risk management that builds their company’s Legal IQ.

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Membership Features

Research and Insight: Unique research and tools to help business leaders evaluate new issues and challenges

Proven Best Practices: Tested approaches to solving business challenges from our network of leading companies

Advisory Support: Personalized expert guidance and project support for pending decisions, new tactics, internal presentations, and other needs

Decision and Diagnostic Tools: Customized, actionable views of the most important performance metrics in your function

Peer Benchmarks: Relevant, quantitative data and analysis to help allocate resources and target areas with the highest impact

Executive Networking: On-request advice, feedback, and perspective from peer interaction with hundreds of leading executives

Live and Online Learning Events: A wide variety of events exclusively for senior executives, as well as staff training and skill development opportunities

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