Breathe Deep D.C. Walkers in 2014

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Over $15,000
Donated for Nepal Earthquake Relief

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1.2 Million
Social media impressions during Global Impact Week 2015

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Social sector leaders engaged in 2014

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1.5 Million
Funds raised for LUNGevity/BDDC YTD

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$2.4 Million
In probono consulting since 2009

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CEB volunteers at Global Impact Week 2015

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Over 37,000
Volunteer hours logged in 2014

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CSR Report

At CEB, our values provide a north star for what we do as a firm and a guide for our actions as individuals. Through CEB in the Community, we aim to extend the Spirit of Generosity, one of our core values, beyond our commitment to our members and each other to include the communities in which we live and work.

As individuals, in teams and as a firm, CEB makes an enormous effort to serve our communities and ensure that we are having an impact. We take our impact so seriously; in 2014 we challenged the company to three Global Impact Goals:

  • Engage 1,000 Social Sector Leaders
  • Deliver $2 Million in Value to global nonprofit organizations
  • Provide 30,000 volunteer hours

See how we did by taking a look at our first ever CEB in the Community Impact Report.

We are particularly proud of our 4th annual Global Impact Day which allowed more than 3,000 staff to get out and give back to more than 75 charitable organizations in 25 countries and 50 cities around the world. Together, we completed 15,000 hours of community service on just that one day.

"Service activities allow me to impact our local Singapore community and connect with colleagues outside of regular workflow. We recently organized a fire station visit for underprivileged children; the joy and excitement on their faces was priceless."

Shradha Chopra
Senior Research Analyst,
HR Practice

"I loved volunteering with the San Francisco Food Bank. My team and I sorted and packaged over 3,400 pounds of brown rice that was distributed to food pantries, soup kitchens, child care centers, and homeless centers in the Bay Area."

Heather Sweeney-Engel
Account Management Representative,
IT Practice

"Volunteering offers the perfect opportunity to connect with colleagues outside of normal work constraints and provides you with a chance to learn more about your peers in a service setting."

Ian Warthin
Engagement Manager,
CEB Solutions

"What’s not to love about Global Service Day? I spent the day volunteering with the literacy program, Reading Partners. It was such a memorable and rewarding experience."

Christiane Groth
Executive Advisor Services, IT Practice

"The Spirit of Generosity present in my colleagues is unrivaled. Working together, the Middle Market team was able to nearly triple the amount of school supplies raised in our annual drive to support local area children heading back to school."

Cody Green
Associate Director,
CEB Sales Midsized

"It was amazing to be a part of Global Service Day 2013. The joy of giving to those in need was amplified by the overwhelming participation of my CEB colleagues."

Ryana Burrell
Talent Acquisition Coordinator,

"We had a blast partnering with the Anti-Cruelty Society for our Q3 service event. It offered the perfect lunch time break and every animal lover pitched in to create some fun toys for our furry friends."

Cassidy Pazyniak and Jessica Dixon
Chicago Service Leaders