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Key Imperatives for Executives in 2016

Top Legal and Assurance Challenges

Curious what's on the minds of legal, data privacy, and compliance executives for 2016? Each year, CEB polls our member executives to understand where we should focus our research efforts.

Download our ebook Key Imperatives for Compliance & Legal in 2016 to learn more about the three top legal, data privacy, and compliance challenges for 2016:

  1. Getting More Value from Law Firms – Low-quality outside counsel work drives significant waste and business drag through overwork, rework, missed deadlines, and more. As a result, general counsel report that they receive only 59% of the potential business value from their engagements with law firms.
  2. Building a Corporate Climate to Influence Privacy Risks – Across the C-suite, privacy- and information-related concerns have consistently increased year-over-year. Employees are spending more time accessing company data than they were three years ago, but fewer than 50% of employees accessing this data understand the legal and compliance implications of their information-related decisions.
  3. Increasing the Impact of Compliance – Current efforts to ensure corporate control often slow down the business while paradoxically diminishing corporate compliance's influence. Compliance executives must address how to enhance compliance's influence without increasing business costs.