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CEB RiskClarity

What is CEB RiskClarity?

A comprehensive risk assessment service that treats the two reasons employees are not reporting misconduct, fear of retaliation and inaction by the company. CEB RiskClarity:

1) Creates a reporting channel that measures perceptions of integrity, and

2) Provides compliance and ethics executives with the tools to act on misconduct.

CEB RiskClarity is not your typical employee survey. We identify the types and level of misconduct occurring within your organization. We then provide you with the quantifiable results to pinpoint misconduct within business units, geographies and functions. Our mission is to work with you to treat those issues with on-call advice and proven best practices for mitigation.

Your results matter, for those companies that have a "high culture of integrity", one defined by openness, CEB research found:

  • Higher shareholder returns
  • Higher employee discretionary effort
  • Misconduct reporting levels that are 55% higher

Sample Report

When we asked employees what type of misconduct they observed in the past 12 months, they responded "yes" to observing the following.

Question to Managers: In my role as manager, my company has provided me with the following?

Position Level Comparison

Overall Integrity Index Scores

An average of the seven components of the cultural integrity index: Comfort Speaking Up, Organizational Justice, Tone at the Top, Direct Manager Leadership, Department Climate, Clarity of Expectations, and Openness of Communication.