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GDPR: What Next?

GDPR came into effect on 25th May 2018, and applies to all organizations that collect, use, and store personal data of EU citizens, regardless of the physical location of the business.

Since the measures were first announced, CEB, now Gartner has been supporting legal, compliance and privacy executives prepare their organizations to meet GDPR requirements. Now that GDPR has been implemented, many companies are asking: What’s next?

To help your company stay on track in the post-implementation period, we provide insights, strategic advice and practical tools across five key areas of objectives.

Five key objectives for the year ahead:

  1. Keep Pace with Changes in the External Environment
  2. Ensure Effective Information Governance
  3. Operationalize GDPR Compliance in the Business
  4. Drive GDPR Compliance in Your Third-Party Network
  5. Monitor the Effectiveness of Your GDPR Readiness Efforts


Our focus is on keeping you up to date on emerging developments and helping you ensure that the changes you made to prepare for GDPR are fully operationalized and performing effectively.

Have a look at our plans for ongoing GDPR support during the rest of the year, and ensure your privacy risk management approach is sustainable with our “Built-In Privacy Playbook”.