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Culture of Integrity

How Information About Business Travels

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In today’s organizations, 59% of observed misconduct is never reported by employees. Even more alarming is that only 6% of potential misconduct information actually makes it to the compliance team. To combat these numbers, Compliance must invest in and develop a culture of integrity.

A strong culture of integrity has a big impact on employee behavior and misconduct reporting rates. Employees with the most favorable perceptions of their company's culture report misconduct at a 39% higher rate than those with the least favorable perceptions.

Small missteps in key areas of corporate integrity can have a dangerous impact on misconduct and business performance. Our research identifies the elements the best companies focus on to build and sustain a strong culture.

Download our white paper on How Corporate Culture Affects the Enterprise to learn more. Our research outlines impact of company culture on misconduct, what situations leave employees feeling uncertain about reporting misconduct, and the importance of preparing mangers for handling misconduct information.