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Compliance & Ethics: How to Prevent a Jobs-as-Bribes Scandal
Offering jobs to those referred on by officials, or others in a position to help a company, almost certainly constitutes a bribe. There are four steps compliance teams should take to stop it happening. Thu Mar 23 04:00:41 EDT 2017
Corporate Law: Time to Help Line Managers Make Legal Decisions for Themselves
Corporate legal teams are under more pressure than ever to help line managers make appropriate decisions. They need to revamp their model for doing so, and stop providing 'white glove' service. Tue Mar 14 04:00:37 EDT 2017
Tips for Managing Your Company’s Top 3 Compliance Priorities
Heads of compliance are most worried about corruption, data privacy, and building a culture of "corporate integrity." Leading compliance teams provide pointers on how to accomplish all three. Fri Mar 10 03:00:58 EST 2017

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