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One Week: Immeasurable Impact

As I sort through the photos flooding my inbox, I continually find myself uttering, “What a week.” I’m astounded by the unique volunteer projects, the number of associates who got out and gave back, and the impact associates from CEB, now part of Gartner had during Global Impact Week. When I first joined the Global […]

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Jerry Sorkin Global Impact Week Fellows: Returning Home

Maicol. Roberto. Carina. Maria. Osveli. The names and faces of the kids we worked with last week are still swirling in my head; it felt all too soon that we had to come back home and return to our lives. It’s been a particularly special and emotional feeling hugging my kids since I came back, knowing now just a little bit about what those “Guatemaltecos Extraordinarios” go through every day.

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Jerry Sorkin Global Impact Week Fellows: Bidding Adieu

Leaving Guatemala was one of the hardest days for each of us, as it’s only now that we got some time to reflect on the different shades of our community service here. As we all head to our homes, a part of us is still wanting to go back and work for those kids, spend time at the day care, and do more. This experience has changed our perspective toward life in more ways than one. I would like to

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Jerry Sorkin Global Impact Week Fellows: Day 6

Day 6 in Guatemala City started just as most other days had: most of us met on the roof at home base to meditate at 7 a.m. This morning we could hear the beautiful yet unfamiliar bird sounds, the sounds of motors as many started their days, and the rustling of home base as breakfast was prepared. The one notable difference? Well, it had rained the night before. Our program director Virginia told u

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Jerry Sorkin Global Impact Week Fellows: Day 3 of Volunteering

We are officially three days into our service trip, and we are all making memories to last a lifetime! Today was a particularly special day in Guatemala—Feliz dia Mama (Mother's Day)! At the school we prepped sandwiches and coconut water for every mom. It was so wonderful to see all the moms arrive at the school to see and hear what their children have been learning. Each of the classrooms al

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Jerry Sorkin Global Impact Week Fellows: Day 2 of Volunteering

We awoke early on our second day of volunteer work, hearts heavy and eyes wide open. Many rose to meditate or practice yoga on the roof terrace of our home base, preparing for the day's work ahead. Yesterday's tour around the city allowed us to develop a better understanding of Guatemala City and the parallel worlds that coexist here, reinforcing our desire to help in any and all ways, no matter h

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Jerry Sorkin Global Impact Week Fellows: Hope in a Hard Place

The 8th of May, was a very special day. It was our first opportunity to make a difference in the community of Guatemala City. We arrived at a school for the children of families that work at the local garbage depository. In preparation, our host family explained the location and what to expect: the school is at the edge of the city’s garbage depository, and the smell would be a bit un

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