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What We Do, Why We’re Here: Our First 30 Days at CEB

19 January, 2016

In 2011, fresh out of undergrad and ready to take on the world, I tacked a quote from Neale Donald Walsch to the bulletin board in my cubicle: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

I’ve carried that quote with me for the past five years. It stood out even more when I was ready to leave the proverbial comfort zone of my first job for the next step in my career. I recalled all of the helpful resources I used as a CEB client, and when I hunkered down one weekend last summer to forego fun in the sun and apply for jobs, the company immediately came to mind.

When I was hired, CEB’s promise to its employees, also known as our employee value proposition (EVP), immediately stood out to me. Rooted in business growth, professional development, and the power of new ideas, our EVP is the drumbeat for why we’re here and what draws in hundreds of new hires every year. Don’t just take my word for it. Read more from new CEB employees across the globe about what their first 30 days at the company were like, through the lens of our EVP.


You will enjoy maximum professional development opportunity.

CEB Alexandra

Alexandra, Business Development Manager, Germany

“Working at CEB is a great combination of highly sophisticated sales, consulting, and people development. Recruiting and development are really close to my heart, and I love working with people. I am fascinated by the research, solutions, and products of CEB, and of course, the great spirit of our team.”

Three words that describe Alexandra’s first 30 days at CEB: Information, eLearning, and Practice.


You will work with and learn from truly exceptional talent.

CEB Sheehan

Sheehan, Advisory Analyst, Arlington, VA

“This job is different from anything I’ve ever done. I was drawn to a career at CEB because of the reputation the company  has. I have friends who worked here and they raved about it. I’m excited to come to work and be in such an encouraging and uplifting environment. Our firm value of force of ideas stands out for me. It promotes growth and welcomes dissenting  opinions. These first 30 days have been rewarding, challenging, and exciting.”

One thing Sheehan wants to tackle in her role: Content Mastery. “I want to be sure that when I speak on our research, I know it through and through.”


You will have a daily impact on the most influential executives in the world.

CEB Colleen

Colleen, Consultant, Arlington, VA

“CEB is ever-evolving and ever-changing. I love that in my role I get the chance to shape and develop our go-to-market strategy. It’s so cool to see the tangible impact I’m having on the business. I know I will always be learning and developing here. The real challenge is just pushing myself and rising to the occasion.”

The firm value that resonates the most with Colleen: Spirit of Generosity. “I believe that when you work with  good people and feel supported, you do better work. Your energy comes from the people you’re surrounded by.”


You will be part of a company distinguished by the quality of its insights.

CEB Anna

Anna, Executive Advisor, Sydney

“I feel privileged to have exposure to some of the most progressive research, in theory and in practice. I hope that I am able to grow my knowledge-base as well as my business acumen to become a more well-rounded communications professional.”

Three words that describe Anna’s first 30 days at CEB: Quick, Exciting, and Educational.


You will operate in a global, collaborative environment.

CEB Tyece

Tyece, Global Communications, Arlington, VA

And, then there’s me. My first month was filled with support from new colleagues, chances to learn more about the business, and  opportunities to share my ideas. It’s my first time working with a team spread across the globe, an experience that has taught me  how to collaborate across time zones and tap into the power of technology.

It’s fair to say my career here is ripe with opportunity. CEB has certainly lived up to each of the five elements in its promise.


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