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Veterans at CEB: Creating, Impacting Communities

12 April, 2016

Shannon Smedstad

Global Communications / CEBer since 2014

One fact that our research proves time and again is that businesses see better results when they include the broadest array of talent possible. And it’s no secret that veterans have a lot to offer any business. Our findings show that service men and women:

• Make excellent leaders,
• Provide a specialized skillset,
• Can take on complex tasks, and
• Generally perform 4% better than the average employee.

At CEB, we don’t just report these results—we follow them too. Here’s a glimpse into our offerings for CEBers who once served, or are currently serving, in the military.

Building a Community

We are committed to building a strong foundation to hire and develop military service men and women.  In 2014, a group of employees established Veterans at CEB with the mission of building a community for military veterans and interested colleagues, and helping us hire, onboard, and retain high-quality veteran candidates.

Based in our Washington, DC area office, the group brings together former and active duty service men and women, Reservists, military spouses, and military supporters from all across the organization. Over the past 1.5 years, the group has:

• Worked to further educate our hiring managers,
• Hosted guest speakers,
• Organized group runs and self-defense classes,
• Attended recruiting events, and
• Given back in countless ways to the community.

We know that building a strong sense of community goes beyond our office walls. In 2015, the group partnered with other teams and organizations to help end veteran homelessness in Washington, DC. Read more about this pro bono consulting project.

Creating a Great Workplace

When you ask veterans why they’ve chosen to work at CEB, you might find multiple answers, including having the opportunity to engage and influence senior executives, receiving maximum career development, and being part of a company that impacts an unrivaled portfolio of leading clients. “We can make an impact at CEB by understanding the value of teamwork and encouraging it,” shares David P., a consultant in our London office who served as an officer in the British Army.

At CEB, we highly value teamwork and collaboration, and veterans have contributed to some of our most significant accomplishments, and they hold key leadership roles throughout the organization.

We’re incredibly thankful for the work our veterans provide, and we know they bring a rich perspective and strong leadership to our company culture. As Tom Monahan, our CEO, has put it, “a CEB career allows individuals to continue defining themselves by the impact they are able to make on their communities and our members and clients.”

Want to learn more about what CEB can offer you? Visit our career site.

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Members of the Veterans at CEB leadership team are excited to share their show and tell items for Veterans Week at CEB! #CEBVeterans #LifeatCEB

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A little rain didn’t stop us from holding the first PT Test of Veterans Week at CEB! Not able to participate today? Join us for our next PT Test on Thursday at 4pm! #CEBVeterans #LifeatCEB A photo posted by CEB (@lifeatceb) on

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