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Three Male Colleagues Share the Value of Joining Women at CEB

30 March, 2017





By: Leela Wilson, Head of Executive Events & Networks Business Integration | Women at CEB Leadership Council General Member

Women at CEB’s mission to contribute to the professional development, retention, and attraction of women at CEB hinges on support from men and women alike. Hear from three male CEBers about the value they get from the organization and why they’d encourage other men to participate:

“Simple – we run a talent business. That means that leaders or aspiring leaders need to be – for lack of a more politically correct word – obsessive about making sure that they attract, develop, and engage the best talent. Women at CEB is about doing just that for the majority of our workforce and the majority of the working populations in the markets where we operate.” Tom Monahan, Chairman and CEO

“As part of the Women at CEB Leadership Council, I am often asked by male colleagues, “What’s in it for me?” And my answer revolves around calling out the great opportunity to work with some brilliant minds across CEB’s global offices. Women at CEB provides a huge opportunity to build your professional network and participate in meaningful initiatives that the group runs globally. It is a unique sharing and learning experience when you are a part of Women at CEB.” Aditya S., Director CEB Creative

“Being involved with Women at CEB has been a great experience for me in two ways. It’s been educational for me in terms of more fully understanding the topics and issues that are so relevant to women in the workplace today. It has also enabled me to have an impact in areas where CEB has made progress recently, like recent changes to the parental leave policy and the introduction of the Milk Stork program.  It’s been great to hear how engaging both of these initiatives are for people on my team, and it is a huge help when attracting and retaining talent, which is ultimately one factor that will make us successful or not.” Paul D., Market Leader


Learn more about Women at CEB by visiting the Women at CEB page on the CEB careers website.



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