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The Life at CEB Blog: 10 Quotes from Posts That Shaped the Past Year

9 June, 2016

1 year. 73 posts. More than a dozen authors. Countless ways we’ve shared the CEB story.

What started in 2015 as an effort to provide a glimpse behind CEB’s walls has evolved into a mosaic of content representing our people, culture, values, and career opportunities. From spotlighting offices across the globe to hearing career advice from senior leaders, Life at CEB has captured all of the geeky, nerdy, and cool things that make CEB great.

As we celebrate the blog’s one-year anniversary (or should we say blogaversary?), we wanted to take a trip down memory lane. Here’s a recap of some of our favorite quotes from a few stories that shaped the past year.

Life at CEB 1 year full image

Our People

“By scoring a 100 on HRC’s CEI, it is my way of knowing I can truly and fearlessly be who I am at CEB. I am honored to be part of this momentous step at CEB and excited about contributing to future endeavors for workplace equality.” -Rajiv Desai, 100% Proud: CEB Named a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality

“Looking back, I am still amazed that CEB recognized and rewarded me—and other top business development and account management associates from around the world—with this trip to paradise. The company has done so much more for me, too. This trip allowed me to meet amazingly brilliant people and create memories that I’ll cherish always…”­–Sheena Burce CEBers in Paradise: The 2015 Associates’ Circle Trip

CEB Associates Circle

“It’s encouraging to know your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and you work with people who want to celebrate hard work and accomplishments together.” –Mona Abisourour, Life After College: Meet Maria and Mona

Our Culture

“So what makes CEB Gurgaon, India such a great place to work? Simple … the Gurgaon office is a perfect example of how different ideas and cultures come together in celebration of India’s diversity, whilst working toward CEB’s mission to “unlock the potential of organizations and leaders by advancing the science and practice of management.”-Nikita Ojha, CEB in Gurgaon, India: Full Speed Ahead

“Have courage to take on new challenges; push yourself to always be on the look out for new experiences that you can learn from. Be in the business of maximizing experiences; worry less about the title of your job or how big your team is.” –Christoffer Ellehuus, 10 Questions with Christoffer Ellehuus—Market Leader, HR North America

“To really understand our culture, you’ll just have to come live it for yourself. Consider this your invitation to the celebration. We’ll save some confetti for you.” –Shannon Smedstad, Celebrating What Makes Us Uniquely CEB

Our Values

Spirit of Generosity: “Generosity influences everything we do here. We feel honest joy from helping clients learn and apply best business practices, and from helping our communities thrive.” –Caroline Bennett, Costa Rica: Our First Service Trip Abroad

CEB Costa Rica 1

Stewardship of Exceptional Talent: “The qualities I look for when evaluating potential CEB talent are intelligence, humility, and a desire to give back to both their colleagues and our members. I also look for people who are curious and want to grow both personally and professionally because CEB is an intellectually curious culture.” –Teresa Green, 10 Questions with Teresa Green, Head of Global Talent Acquisition

Member Impact: The thing I love about CEB, and the reason that I’m still here after five years, is that we don’t just sell a PowerPoint. We make a tangible difference to our members and their teams through the solutions we deliver. One of the things that I say to my team is that we can actually change the world with what we do. -Stefan Ferreira, 10 Questions with Stefan Ferreira, Managing Director, South Africa Talent Management

Force of Ideas: “CEB is ever-evolving and ever-changing. I love that in my role I get the chance to shape and develop our go-to-market strategy. It’s so cool to see the tangible impact I’m having on the business. I know I will always be learning and developing here. The real challenge is just pushing myself and rising to the occasion.” Colleen O’Donnell, What We Do, Why We’re Here: Our First 30 Days at CEB

Interested in becoming the next person to continue making CEB a great place to work? Apply today and check out our global career map to explore opportunities near you.

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