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The CEB West Team: Delivering Outsized Impact

2 June, 2016

From Humble Beginnings

Rewind to the spring of 2007, when CEB is expanding its presence to foggy San Francisco to bring us closer to our West Coast clients and take advantage of a flourishing talent pool. Our earliest team members were four revenue staff who relocated from our DC offices.

Return to the present day, and you can see just how much the CEB West team (including our San Francisco office as well as home offices in Oakland, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego, Napa, and Los Angeles) has evolved!

CEB West __Team Photo

We’re now more than 130 employees strong, with 50% of the team working in commercial roles (supporting our large enterprise, middle market, and strategic account clients), approximately 30% working in advisory and professional services, and the remaining 20% focused on operations, marketing, and product innovation.

Transforming Outcomes for Our Members

CEB’s mission and values have remained steadfast throughout the evolution of the CEB West team. Our insights, tools, and advice help organizations more effectively manage their talent, customers, and operations to exceed business objectives.

The CEB West team now represents almost all facets of our business—from Best Practices & Decision Support to ChallengerTM Solutions, Leadership Academies, CEB Talent Assessment, CEB IconocultureTM, Metrics That MatterTM, Workforce Surveys, and Sunstone Analytics. And while we still enjoy a small stream of employees relocating from DC and other CEB hubs across the globe, many of our teammates started, and continue, their careers with us.

Growing Together as One CEB

So, what is it like to be part of the CEB West team? Due to our sense of community, it is often said that we function a bit more as a startup than a 30-year-old corporation. A commitment to collaboration, growth, sustainability, and service runs deep within this team, and as One CEB, we work across our formal team alignments to turn that commitment into action.

On any given day, you might find a group gathering in the pull-up area to discuss upcoming firmwide events (e.g., our participation in International Women’s Week, Spirit Day, or volunteering), teammates perusing the posted signs on how to accurately use the three-bin composting system, or colleagues from different work streams coming together to solve a member challenge. What’s guaranteed is that each and every day, you’ll find us working hard to generate insight with and for our members…as well as having fun!

sf pic4 sf pic3 SF pic2 SF - One CEB

Looking to the Future

What’s the outlook for the CEB West team? Our fearless leaders believe that opportunity abounds. Mahta Beyen states: “The West Coast, and San Francisco especially, is a hub for technology and innovation. We see a keen opportunity to help drive the corporate performance of companies based here as they transform both locally and globally.” Katherine Evans continues, “We are confident that our strong insights and analysis, close proximity to our client base, and our location—in one of the world’s most innovative hubs—means that our ability to deliver outsized impact will continue to grow and grow.”


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