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4 January, 2017 By Tyece Wilkins

CEBers Share Takeaways from the S.H.E. Summit

The S.H.E. Summit held on 28 and 29 October in New York City featured more than 50 men and women who presented their messages to encourage and uplift women in support of gender diversity. The summit, founded by Claudia Chan, is a “membership-driven, global empowerment conference devoted to supporting, not only holistically thriving leaders (and […]

10 November, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

Barbara Krumsiek Asks “Why Aren’t We There Yet?”

There” is an adverb meaning “in, at, or to that place or position.” But, during Barbara Krumsiek’s recent discussion “Why Aren’t We There Yet?” the word took on brand new meaning. For Krumsiek, former president and CEO of Calvert Investments and a leader in sustainable investing, “there” meant full equality and gender balance in corporations, […]

16 September, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

Three Women in Power Share Secrets of Success

  “Have a point of view and the confidence to express it.” “Work for an employer you believe in.” “You’re not negotiating for yourself, you are negotiating for every woman that comes after you.” These were just some of the pieces of advice that three panelists shared during Women at CEB’s “Women in Power” event […]

17 June, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

CEB Signs the White House Equal Pay Pledge

Commitment. Advocacy. Expanded opportunities. CEB recently joined more than 20 other companies in signing the Equal Pay Pledge-“a commitment to take action within [the organization] by conducting an annual company-wide gender pay analysis across occupations, reviewing their hiring and promotion processes, embedding equal pay efforts into broader enterprise-wide equity initiatives, and identifying and promoting other […]

24 May, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

A Conversation with Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter, Powered by Women@CEB

On 16 May, Women@CEB–CEB’s diversity and inclusion group dedicated to professional development, impact, retention, and attraction of women–partnered with the Washington Women’s Leadership Initiative (WWLI) to host Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter for a conversation to kick off its Authentic Leadership speaker series. The event provided an opportunity for CEB’s diversity and inclusion leaders as well as […]

19 May, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

Partnering with Milk Stork to Support Mothers Returning to Work

In March 2016, CEB introduced a new program that is targeted at easing business travel for new mothers transitioning back to work. The program, Milk Stork, is a breast milk delivery service that allows nursing mothers to ship breast milk back to their homes in a safe and convenient manner while they’re away on business […]

19 April, 2016 By Luke Woollen

10 Questions with Ornella Chinotti—Managing Director, Italy and France

In our “10 Questions with” series, you’ll learn more about the people behind our growing business. This month we shine the spotlight on Ornella Chinotti, the firm’s managing director in Italy and France for Talent Management, who has been with CEB since 1990. Can you tell me about your role? My role is to manage […]

31 March, 2016 By Karen DeVigili

Life After College: Meet Maria and Mona

If you are or know a soon-to-be college graduate, you are well aware of the world of cover letters, resume edits, and interview preparation. So, what happens when you get through it all and land your first job? I recently sat down with Maria and Mona, two grads and early career professionals, to discuss life […]

24 March, 2016 By Donavan Thomas

International Women’s Week 2016, Powered by Women at CEB

On 8 March, individuals, groups and companies around the world came together to celebrate International Women’s Day. This annual observance is designed to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women. It probably comes as no surprise that Women at CEB wanted to participate in the celebration, as it’s squarely in line with […]

28 January, 2016 By Ruth McCammont

10 Questions with Leonie Dorkins – HR Director, Talent Management

In our 10 Questions series, you’ll learn more about the people behind our business. This month we shine the spotlight on Leonie Dorkins, CEB’s HR Director for Talent Management. Can you tell me about your role? I head up the HR generalist team that supports the talent management part of CEB. My team partners with […]


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