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21 March, 2017 By Jennifer Beyer

The Intersection of Women and Technology at CEB

Gender balance in IT— just one of the topics discussed during CEB’s Meet the Company event with Women in Technology (WIT) in Arlington, VA on 26 February 2017.  CEB is a corporate sponsor of Women in Technology, a D.C. based organization that aims to advance women in technology.  As a sponsor, CEB is able to […]

3 January, 2017 By Jennifer Beyer

Stay Calm, Hack On

  What’s a great way to bring staff members together from around the business to design new-to-world solutions to today’s problems? A hackathon, of course! CEB’s hackathon is a collaborative competition that requires teams to think outside the box to solve problems in areas like mobility, data analytics, social media, security, infrastructure, and application development. […]

30 March, 2016 By Laura Sylvest

Investing in Data Sciences: CEB and the University of Illinois

CEB datasets now number in the billions—35 billion at last estimate. It’s a massive amount of information to stay on top of. But who’s counting, really? Well, as of last week, a group of students at the University of Illinois will be. On March 16, 2016, CEB opened the Data Innovation Center at the University […]

15 November, 2015 By Nikita Ojha

CEB in Gurgaon, India: Full Speed Ahead

CEB’s presence in India has grown dramatically over the last 10 years, from 10 people in 2005 to more than 600 CEBers, across four offices, in 2015. That’s CEB India for you—an amalgamation of great ideas, talented teams, and thriving diversity! The CEB Gurgaon office, where it all began, is located in the most popular […]

27 October, 2015 By Donavan Thomas

Innovation with Impact: CEB’s Global Talent Monitor

There’s no question companies are eager to hire top talent, but too often they invest in programs that don’t match what a candidate in a given country really wants. Recruiters struggle to understand what motivates a candidate in one region versus another and heads of HR are stuck in the same situation trying to figure […]

11 August, 2015 By Archana Navin

Women at CEB: Ponna Arumugam, CEB’s Chief Technology Officer

Around the world, CEB employs exceptional women at all levels within the firm—from intern to chief technology officer, from associate to chief administrative officer. Many of these women have chosen to join a group called Women at CEB—a global network of women and men who care about equality of opportunity and helping women to unlock […]

29 May, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

Making a Home in India’s Silicon Valley

At the beginning of 2015, the city of Bangalore, India was officially designated Bengaluru, the Indian name for the city. On 30 March, CEB officially opened a new office in Bengaluru, India’s third most populous city and one of the fastest-growing major metropolitan areas in the country. Keeping pace with the city’s rapid growth is […]

8 May, 2015 By Lisa Landis

Giving Back, Creating Impact, and Crushing Goals

Here at CEB we love goals and metrics, almost as much as we love volunteering and giving back to our communities. As we rewind to 2013, the CEB in the Community team felt like the time was right to put some fairly aggressive 2014 goals in place for the work that we do. We’ve always tracked our work—hours volunteered, money donated, etc.—but had never written down specific goals.


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