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7 February, 2017 By Jennifer Beyer

Tips to Land a Full-Time Job through Your Internship

You’ve landed a great internship for the summer before you graduate. You’ve landed a great internship for the summer before you graduate. You’re excited about your new opportunity and the possibilities it can offer you. You want to make the most of your summer and take advantage of the networking that is available to you. […]

1 December, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

Work-School Balance: Tips from Varsity-Level Learners

  By: Jennifer Beyer – For most of us, life is pretty busy. You’re used to balancing multiple tasks at any given time. So learning to balance grad school and a full-time job shouldn’t be too difficult, right? But it wouldn’t hurt to get some advice from others who have done it. CEB is in […]

28 October, 2016 By Karen DeVigili

3 Ways to Build a Stronger Personal Brand on LinkedIn

One of the routine tasks for my college friends and I almost immediately following graduation was to update or, in some cases, create our LinkedIn profiles. Although I was always happy to offer my advice, opinion, or thoughts on my friends’ profiles when consulted, I always felt a sinking sensation when I took a look […]

14 October, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

CEB Insight Case Competition Gains Ground in India

CEB’s Insight Case Competition launched for the first time in India, generating more than 850 applications from business students across the country. The CEB Insight Case Competition offers the brightest minds in the country the unique opportunity to team up, research a real business case, and present their ideas to global CEB executives. After several […]

9 September, 2016 By Karen DeVigili

Why Early Careerists Should Chase Their Ideal Skills, Not Their Ideal Roles

Ever heard the advice that we should follow our dreams? I have a different take on this piece of advice. I think you should follow your skills.  Karen DeVigili  Communications & Engagement Associate/ CEBer since 2014 Ever heard the advice that we should follow our dreams? I have a different take on this piece of […]

1 September, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

CEB is Back on Tour

By: Jennifer Beyer Students are going back to school and so is CEB. Our Talent Acquisition team and school alumni are returning to university campuses to talk with students about internships and recruit for full-time positions. Current students are encouraged to apply to our entry level research and sales opportunities available in the US or […]

19 August, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for your First Day

By: Jennifer Beyer Your first day of work can feel like the first day of school. I remember losing sleep and being worried that I would get lost on the Metro. It’s normal to be nervous. To prepare, you’ve filled out all of your paperwork. You’ve picked out your outfit and planned to arrive early. […]

5 August, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

7 CEB Interns Share the Most Valuable Part of Their Internship

A CEB internship provides students with meaningful training and work experience while fulfilling the work requirements of a specific CEB program or department. Let’s meet the 2016 interns and hear some of their most valuable lessons learned. “It’s been great to have the freedom to reach out and explore all aspects of CEB. I’ve learned […]

15 July, 2016 By Karen DeVigili

What I Would Tell My 22-Year-Old Self About How to Kickstart A Career

Karen DeVigili, CEBer since 2014 I remember the butterflies in my stomach as I drove home from graduation, cap and gown on the passenger’s seat, my car packed with my worldly possessions in the late spring heat. Every racing thought I had seemed to lead back to the same question: “What now?” Most of my […]

17 May, 2016 By Jordan Evans

7 Things I Learned in My First Year on the Job

Hey you! Yea you–all you recent grads worried about what life after college will hold. Fear not, I was in your shoes just 12 months ago. (Woah, that’s a reality check!) I packed my bags to leave Bloomington, Indiana for Chicago. As I reflect on what has been quite an exciting first year of work, […]


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