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15 March, 2017 By Jennifer Beyer

Winning #PetsofCEB

We work with truly exceptional talent, and for the past three weeks CEBers got a glimpse into each other’s lives and were introduced to everyone’s furry loved ones.  They shared their pets, voted for the best, and followed the story on CEB’s @LifeatCEB Instagram, using the hashtag #PetsofCEB.  Each week, the most liked dog, cat, fish, […]

24 February, 2017 By Tyece Wilkins

Humans of CEB: Meet Mark Little

At CEB, when referring to a ‘boomerang,” we aren’t talking about the tool. Similar to the wooden piece, a CEB boomerang returns after leaving. Mark Little proudly describes himself as a boomerang. In fact, it’s the first thing he told me. A Research Leader for Talent Management Labs, Mark allowed me to learn more about […]

3 January, 2017 By Jennifer Beyer

Stay Calm, Hack On

  What’s a great way to bring staff members together from around the business to design new-to-world solutions to today’s problems? A hackathon, of course! CEB’s hackathon is a collaborative competition that requires teams to think outside the box to solve problems in areas like mobility, data analytics, social media, security, infrastructure, and application development. […]

13 December, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

CEB Scores 100% on Corporate Equality Index

  Many of us dream of a world where everyone is valued and treated equally. We’ve take some action toward making this world a reality, but we still have a ways to go. CEB has taken its own steps to ensure a positive and inclusive work environment for all employees. From offering same-sex domestic partner […]

22 September, 2016 By Brooke Strother

Celebrating CEB’s Mosaic

CEB Mosaic, CEB’s newest Diversity & Inclusion group, celebrated its first nine months of activity in a signature event on Tuesday, 13 September at the company’s Waterview location. CEBers saw 3D letters spelling out “M-O-S-A-I-C” upon entry into the room that night. A four-person band played jazz, complementing the quiet, comforting din of chatter and […]

16 August, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

What Is It Like to Work at CEB South Africa?

By: Brandon Pleaner Manager, Talent Solutions We’re a curious bunch, us South Africans. Why have one official language when you can have 11? What, one capital city? So boring, we’ve got three! We’ve got gold, diamonds, platinum, and chrome. Cool. What’s our biggest export? Mohair! Jip, mohair. We also have a curious way of seeing […]

12 August, 2016 By Luke Woollen

CEB in London: Collaborating and Competing

During the last week of July, CEBers in London came together through a series of daily events (and competitions!) called “Life @ CEB: Experience London” to participate in professional development opportunities and events to help them build on CEB’s culture and celebrate everything that makes CEB great. In this article, I’ll share some of those […]

28 June, 2016 By Rajiv Desai

Proud @ CEB

By Rajiv Desai It was June 2007 when I finally accepted my sexuality at the age of 27 and “came out of the closet” – to a very accepting group of family and friends who unconditionally loved me for who I am. It was June 2015 when I witnessed the legalization of same-sex marriage after […]

9 June, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

The Life at CEB Blog: 10 Quotes from Posts That Shaped the Past Year

1 year. 73 posts. More than a dozen authors. Countless ways we’ve shared the CEB story. What started in 2015 as an effort to provide a glimpse behind CEB’s walls has evolved into a mosaic of content representing our people, culture, values, and career opportunities. From spotlighting offices across the globe to hearing career advice […]

2 June, 2016 By Berry Soltani

The CEB West Team: Delivering Outsized Impact

From Humble Beginnings Rewind to the spring of 2007, when CEB is expanding its presence to foggy San Francisco to bring us closer to our West Coast clients and take advantage of a flourishing talent pool. Our earliest team members were four revenue staff who relocated from our DC offices. Return to the present day, […]


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