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28 October, 2016 By William Pointon

Highlights from the 2016 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit

From 18-20 October, Sales and Marketing professionals joined CEB in Las Vegas for the 2016 Sales and Marketing Summit. The event featured a series of sessions designed to boost attendees’ understanding of, and ability to, adapt to critical changes facing B2B commercial teams today. Shelley West, Principal Executive Advisor, Marketing & Communications Practice and Peter […]

15 September, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

Thriving in a World of Constant Change: Highlights From ReimagineHR

ReimagineHR, hosted 7-9 September in Miami, brought together  the largest gathering of senior HR executives to discuss insights, research, best practices, and solutions for challenges today’s HR teams are facing. Check out some highlights from the event below! ReimagineHR will also take place in London 26-27 October. Click here to learn more about the event.   [<a […]

12 April, 2016 By Shannon Smedstad

Veterans at CEB: Creating, Impacting Communities

One fact that our research proves time and again is that businesses see better results when they include the broadest array of talent possible. And it’s no secret that veterans have a lot to offer any business. Our findings show that service men and women: • Make excellent leaders, • Provide a specialized skillset, • […]

30 March, 2016 By Laura Sylvest

Investing in Data Sciences: CEB and the University of Illinois

CEB datasets now number in the billions—35 billion at last estimate. It’s a massive amount of information to stay on top of. But who’s counting, really? Well, as of last week, a group of students at the University of Illinois will be. On March 16, 2016, CEB opened the Data Innovation Center at the University […]

4 February, 2016 By Shannon Smedstad

Storytelling and Teaching Bold Ideas in Business

Have you heard about corporate storytelling? It’s a business buzzword rooted in the idea of capturing the hearts and minds of an audience. At CEB, corporate storytelling is at the core of how our advisory community makes an outsized impact on our audience: the world’s largest and most renowned companies. It’s how we take a […]

26 January, 2016 By Sadhna Gupta

An Insider’s View: How CEB Creates Member Impact

“Don’t worry … even though we have someone from Legal in the room, we can still have an open conversation.” This is how Scott Collins, principal executive advisor for CEB’s Sales Leadership Council for midsized companies, introduced me at a recent meeting titled “Taming Sales Complexity.” His comment received quite a few chuckles from the […]

15 December, 2015 By Eliza Krigman

Reporting Live from the CEB NewsDesk

Every year, CEB equips more than 20,000 senior leaders, from 10,000+ organizations across 110 countries, with the intelligence they need to respond quickly to evolving business conditions. We’re All About Member Impact The CEB NewsDesk team plays an integral role in connecting the firm’s Finance practice members with a wealth of research and business insight. […]

15 November, 2015 By Nikita Ojha

CEB in Gurgaon, India: Full Speed Ahead

CEB’s presence in India has grown dramatically over the last 10 years, from 10 people in 2005 to more than 600 CEBers, across four offices, in 2015. That’s CEB India for you—an amalgamation of great ideas, talented teams, and thriving diversity! The CEB Gurgaon office, where it all began, is located in the most popular […]

27 October, 2015 By Donavan Thomas

Innovation with Impact: CEB’s Global Talent Monitor

There’s no question companies are eager to hire top talent, but too often they invest in programs that don’t match what a candidate in a given country really wants. Recruiters struggle to understand what motivates a candidate in one region versus another and heads of HR are stuck in the same situation trying to figure […]

17 September, 2015 By Caroline Bennett

CEB InsightFest: What Happens When Great Minds Connect

Want to know how CEB researchers celebrate? We’ve summed it up in a single word: InsightFest. This unique event began last year, and it takes place over two to four days in our DC, London, and Gurgaon offices, which house the majority of our research teams. InsightFest is a great opportunity for these talented individuals […]


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