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18 October, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

How to be a Savvy Business Traveler

    By: Jennifer Beyer Mastering how to travel for business is an art. You have to balance your everyday work responsibilities with the time it takes to travel.  It’s not for the faint-hearted and it can take a lot of repetition to perfect. At the same time, it’s a fantastic way to get out […]

19 August, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for your First Day

By: Jennifer Beyer Your first day of work can feel like the first day of school. I remember losing sleep and being worried that I would get lost on the Metro. It’s normal to be nervous. To prepare, you’ve filled out all of your paperwork. You’ve picked out your outfit and planned to arrive early. […]

21 July, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

What’s The Best Career Advice You Ever Received?

  Post by Brooke Strother, CEBer since 2015 As many know, one’s career can be filled to the brim with well-meaning advice. It’s often hard to differentiate between advice, constructive feedback, or even criticism. As a recent college graduate, navigating the corporate landscape can be daunting when surrounded by experienced, articulate professionals. Thankfully, at CEB […]

15 July, 2016 By Karen DeVigili

What I Would Tell My 22-Year-Old Self About How to Kickstart A Career

Karen DeVigili, CEBer since 2014 I remember the butterflies in my stomach as I drove home from graduation, cap and gown on the passenger’s seat, my car packed with my worldly possessions in the late spring heat. Every racing thought I had seemed to lead back to the same question: “What now?” Most of my […]

24 May, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

A Conversation with Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter, Powered by Women@CEB

On 16 May, Women@CEB–CEB’s diversity and inclusion group dedicated to professional development, impact, retention, and attraction of women–partnered with the Washington Women’s Leadership Initiative (WWLI) to host Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter for a conversation to kick off its Authentic Leadership speaker series. The event provided an opportunity for CEB’s diversity and inclusion leaders as well as […]

17 May, 2016 By Jordan Evans

7 Things I Learned in My First Year on the Job

Hey you! Yea you–all you recent grads worried about what life after college will hold. Fear not, I was in your shoes just 12 months ago. (Woah, that’s a reality check!) I packed my bags to leave Bloomington, Indiana for Chicago. As I reflect on what has been quite an exciting first year of work, […]

28 April, 2016 By Eliza Krigman

10 Questions with Per Carlsson—Managing Director, Nordics Talent Assessment

In our latest senior leader Q&A, meet Per Carlsson, MD for CEB’s Talent Assessment business in the Nordics. Per candidly shares his professional experiences and shines the spotlight on what he likes to get up to away from work, his top travel destinations, and more. Can you tell me about your role? I’m responsible for […]

19 April, 2016 By Luke Woollen

10 Questions with Ornella Chinotti—Managing Director, Italy and France

In our “10 Questions with” series, you’ll learn more about the people behind our growing business. This month we shine the spotlight on Ornella Chinotti, the firm’s managing director in Italy and France for Talent Management, who has been with CEB since 1990. Can you tell me about your role? My role is to manage […]

7 April, 2016 By Negin Rezazad

10 questions with Stefan Ferreira—Managing Director, South Africa Talent Management

I have long been fascinated by the history and culture of South Africa and was so excited to be given the opportunity to speak to one of CEB’s managing directors in our Johannesburg office. In speaking with Stefan Ferreira, who oversees CEB’s Talent Assessment business in Africa, I quickly learned that the community and service-oriented […]

31 March, 2016 By Karen DeVigili

Life After College: Meet Maria and Mona

If you are or know a soon-to-be college graduate, you are well aware of the world of cover letters, resume edits, and interview preparation. So, what happens when you get through it all and land your first job? I recently sat down with Maria and Mona, two grads and early career professionals, to discuss life […]


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