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18 October, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

How to be a Savvy Business Traveler

Mastering how to travel for business is an art. You have to balance your everyday work responsibilities with the time it takes to travel.  By: Jennifer Beyer Mastering how to travel for business is an art. You have to balance your everyday work responsibilities with the time it takes to travel.  It’s not for the […]

4 February, 2016 By Shannon Smedstad

Storytelling and Teaching Bold Ideas in Business

Have you heard about corporate storytelling? It’s a business buzzword rooted in the idea of capturing the hearts and minds of an audience. At CEB, corporate storytelling is at the core of how our advisory community makes an outsized impact on our audience: the world’s largest and most renowned companies. It’s how we take a […]

26 January, 2016 By Sadhna Gupta

An Insider’s View: How CEB Creates Member Impact

“Don’t worry … even though we have someone from Legal in the room, we can still have an open conversation.” This is how Scott Collins, principal executive advisor for CEB’s Sales Leadership Council for midsized companies, introduced me at a recent meeting titled “Taming Sales Complexity.” His comment received quite a few chuckles from the […]

3 November, 2015 By Caroline Bennett

The #CEBSummit—Insights and Inspiration in Las Vegas!

Learning inspires us at CEB. And each year, we connect Sales, Marketing, and Communications professionals with some of our company’s brightest minds, in one place, for three days of sharing the most powerful, disruptive insights of the moment. We call it the “SMAC Summit,” and in 2015, it was held in none other than Las […]

13 October, 2015 By Torrey Crawford

Build the Best and Close the Gaps: CEB’s Talent Development Business

At CEB we are—by far—the most expert firm in the business of identifying opportunities to improve corporate performance. Our talent measurement assessments and best practice programs offer the world’s most powerful insights about what “great” looks like and where most individuals and organizations fall short. The Talent Development part of our business plays a critical […]

17 September, 2015 By Caroline Bennett

CEB InsightFest: What Happens When Great Minds Connect

Want to know how CEB researchers celebrate? We’ve summed it up in a single word: InsightFest. This unique event began last year, and it takes place over two to four days in our DC, London, and Gurgaon offices, which house the majority of our research teams. InsightFest is a great opportunity for these talented individuals […]

8 May, 2015 By Brett Agypt

Applying Academic Principles to Solve Applied Problems

Academics typically have limited career paths, particularly when you come out of the world of organization behavior. When I was pursuing my Ph.D. in Organizational Science, I kept getting the same question: Are you going academic


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