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Stay Calm, Hack On

3 January, 2017



What’s a great way to bring staff members together from around the business to design new-to-world solutions to today’s problems? A hackathon, of course! CEB’s hackathon is a collaborative competition that requires teams to think outside the box to solve problems in areas like mobility, data analytics, social media, security, infrastructure, and application development. This year CEB hosted hackathons in India and Arlington. The events allowed hundreds of employees from corporate IT and other technology teams to solve challenges that support the firm’s strategic priorities, but also for the glory and prizes.


The first hackathon kicked off in Gurgaon and then expanded to the U.S.  In India, more than 125 CEBers from Gurgaon, Chennai, and Bangalore offices participated 22-25 September. Across 72 hours, 26 teams worked through the night to come up with solutions based on the themes of the competition. After three days of intense coding, unmatched energy, and inspiring creativity, it was time to select the winners. A panel of judges assessed all entries and selected two winning teams.  The following month, CEB’s Arlington office hosted a U.S.-based Hackathon on 20-23 October. Fifteen teams from the U.S., U.K., and Canada tackled 10 difficult challenges and presented their ideas to a panel of judges on the third day. Three teams were rewarded first, second, and third place and received savvy technical prizes.


With the success of the hackathons, CEB hopes to make the competitions an annual event for staff members. Since enhancing technology for our organization and our clients is important, it will continue to be a firm priority. Having staff get involved with this initiative is just an added bonus and it creates healthy competition. Interested in participating and being a part of the challenge?  Check out our technology careers and be a part of a team during the next competition.


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