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Reporting Live from the CEB NewsDesk

15 December, 2015

Every year, CEB equips more than 20,000 senior leaders, from 10,000+ organizations across 110 countries, with the intelligence they need to respond quickly to evolving business conditions.

We’re All About Member Impact

The CEB NewsDesk team plays an integral role in connecting the firm’s Finance practice members with a wealth of research and business insight. We’re a team of in-house writers and editors–working in London and the Washington, DC area–who generate in excess of 900 bespoke blogs and 1,800 newsletters each and every year! This content helps our members to connect with and apply our research in order to more effectively manage their talent, customers, and operations.

Our Force of Ideas Drive Member Engagement

One of CEB’s firm values–Force of Ideas–is at the heart of what we do best. We connect members to our research and resources by creatively producing and packaging timely insights and solutions to client challenges, delivered through consistent digital outreach.

Through the art of narrative, we bring CEB’s resources to life for executives leading many of the world’s largest and most renowned companies. By writing about our resources, in connection to major news stories, we give our content an urgency and practicality that may not be apparent.

Our more ambitious work responds to member needs with original reporting and research in a time-sensitive fashion. So for example, after Europe’s highest court invalidated Safe Harbor, a data sharing agreement between the EU and the US, we wrote a blog which offered members immediate guidance.

We Keep Our Fingers on the Pulse of New Industry Challenges

CEB’s NewsDesk analysts have written about beating the start-up threat and holding on to acqui-hires. Indeed, some of our best work serves as featured insights across CEB’s Leadership Councils, with CEB’s Research and Development Leadership Council page featuring our in-depth piece on How to Retain Women in Engineering.

We Create Insight and Innovate from Within

CEB’s member network includes more than 16,000 executives and the vast majority of top companies globally. To bring members’ answers straight from the source, CEB’s NewsDesk analysts have conducted interviews with a wide range of sources from executives at a multinational telecommunications company and one of the world’s top beverage companies, to policymakers like the head of a US congressional committee and a UK adjudicator.


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