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Partnering with Milk Stork to Support Mothers Returning to Work

19 May, 2016

In March 2016, CEB introduced a new program that is targeted at easing business travel for new mothers transitioning back to work. The program, Milk Stork, is a breast milk delivery service that allows nursing mothers to ship breast milk back to their homes in a safe and convenient manner while they’re away on business travel. The service provides “no-fuss, refrigerated, express shipping” of milk to back home, and has a catchy tagline: Express Love™.

How Does It Work?

New mothers who have returned to work can begin using the service immediately. In essence, to use the service, you provide your trip details via the website in advance of the trip, and Milk Stork sends all the required supplies to your hotel for your arrival. Packages are then dropped off at the front desk for pick-up and overnight delivery in the continental US. CEB fully covers these expenses via reimbursement to employees.

Since this is a new service—to CEB and in the marketplace—we want to receive feedback from those who use the program. Our US Benefits team is interested in what each person has to say to ensure our employees have a great and effortless experience.


milkstork v2

Here’s What Our Employees Have to Say

“Awesome experience. Super easy. And everything arrived home in great condition.”

“It was such an easy and stress-free process using Milk Stork. Planning my trip was as simple as providing my hotel information, check in/out dates, and my home address. I received FedEx tracking information to my hotel and back to my home within an hour of submission. Not worrying about how to travel, and especially get on a flight, with my breastmilk was a huge relief. That and knowing it would arrive overnight and securely was such a comforting experience.

“Thanks again for this option! So much less stress and it makes it more comfortable to travel and be away from my baby.”

“I’ve used Milk Stork twice for two trips over the last month (and loved it!)”

Many working parents are excited about this new benefit. As one father shared, “I’m very proud to work for CEB and I’m thrilled to see that our company not only cares about the needs of women, but truly cares about the special needs of mothers. Thank you for promoting this program. I imagine that there will be a number of mothers who will be very grateful.”

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