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Our Top 5 EMEA Videos of 2015

28 December, 2015

Julia Valentine

Marketing / CEBer since 2010

Did you know that CEB serves 87 percent of the FTSE 100? Or that we equip senior leaders at more than 10,000 companies across 110 countries? Our reach and impact is unrivaled; if you don’t believe it, you can watch the videos below to learn how we create member impact.

As a marketing team, we understand the importance of peer reviews and the voice of the customer, especially in the EMEA region, where executives often feel that their challenges are specific to their country. Throughout 2015, we made it our mission to gather videos from business executives to prove that the challenges our members face span region and industry.

Why are member testimonials important?

One of the main reasons we dedicated the time, effort, and resources to create this gallery was to support our EMEA commercial (sales and account management) team. This team uses video testimonials extensively during meetings with members—and prospective clients—to help them understand the value of CEB.

Below are the top five testimonial videos from 2015, based on the number of views. Get the full video library on our YouTube channel.

Hear from Heineken

Hear from Royal Dutch Shell

Hear from AIB Group

Hear from Novo Nordisk A/S

Hear from Bibby Financial Services



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