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Office Spotlight: Perform, Connect, and Recharge in Australia

6 December, 2015

Shannon Smedstad

Global Communications / CEBer since 2014

How do you perform, connect, and recharge at work? Is that something you’ve thought of before? At CEB in Australia, our ANZ leadership team and social committee thinks a lot about how to align our employees’ experiences back to those three actions. But why?

Our high performance commercial, advisory, and consulting teams sell and support solutions that help top executives make better people and business decisions. Doing so takes maximum brainpower, considerable collaboration, and constant resilience. This makes getting to know and connecting with teammates vital to the office culture. Recharging? Well, that is a key ingredient to maintaining momentum and mental prowess in a business that has achieved double digit growth since 2009!

Thankfully, there is no lack of unique and fun opportunities whilst working at CEB in Australia.

CEB Australia

Exercise for Body and Mind

“Sydney is an active city with many people who enjoy running and sports,” shares Natasha G., lead human resources generalist for CEB in ANZ. “It’s important that we foster a workplace culture that connects with our employee’s interests outside of work. This helps us build a greater sense of team, community, and collaboration.”

Ready to sweat? The running club meets on Tuesdays, there is yoga most Thursdays, the CEBallas play netball on Fridays, and then there is our indoor soccer team which remains undefeated. Not one for yoga, netball, or soccer? You can go for a walk with Jen Ham, Head of Sales, on Wednesdays to recharge during the work day.

ANZ1-2 ANZ2-2

Nearly Every Day Is a Birthday

With more than 200 staff members in Sydney and Canberra, you might think the office is too big to celebrate everyone’s birthday. But that is simply not the case. “Birthdays are a great way to connect the whole team and learn about other parts of our business,” writes Grace G., who leads the local social committee. “I send out a list of questions, including: What’s your ideal birthday gift? Who would you invite to a birthday dinner party of your choice? If you could travel anywhere for your birthday, where would you go?” The answers, along with a childhood birthday photo (if possible) are then sent to the entire team on the employee’s special day. These e-mails make for fun, kitchen conversations.

CEB in Australia

Connecting for a Cause

One of CEB’s four firm values is the Spirit of Generosity and you can see it come to life in how we interact with our members, our teams, and our community. Employees working in Australia give back through a variety of volunteer events and are encouraged to connect for good causes. This past MOvember, the team raised more than $1,300 to support men’s health.

CEB MOvember

Ready to Join Our Team?

Working at CEB will challenge, inspire, and reward you. And, your peers will strive to help you perform your best, connect with teammates in ANZ and globally, and create fun ways for you to recharge. As we prepare for another year of incredible growth, we’re hiring business development and account management professionals, as well as staff for advisory and HR roles, and our top ranked graduate program.

Search open roles in Sydney or connect with our APAC recruitment lead today.

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