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Nancy Joyce Shares Strategies for Authentic Self-Promotion

25 April, 2017

Victoria Koval (left) and Nancy Joyce (right)

Nancy Joyce Shares Strategies for Authentic Self-Promotion

CEB, now Gartner, hosted CEO of Joyce Advisors, Nancy Joyce, for an engaging and thought-provoking discussion about authentic self-promotion. More than 70 associates attended the session, powered by Women at CEB, that focused on strategies women can implement in their professional lives to share their achievements, show impact and better advocate for themselves.

Victoria Koval, Lead Learning Designer, Talent Development and vice chair of Women at CEB, facilitated the discussion with Nancy.

“One of my a-ha moments was thinking of self-promotion not as a selfish act of ‘tooting your own horn,’ but as a favor to leaders who work with you,” Victoria said. “How else would they know what expertise they can leverage?”

Self-promotion is a practice

During the session, Nancy emphasized that self-promotion is a practice, not a one-time event. She encouraged attendees to think through several strategies when considering how to promote themselves:

Jessica Cash, Director of Sales and Marketing Product Development and Chair of Women at CEB also shared her takeaways from the event.

“Nancy’s advice on how to extract more actionable feedback from peers and managers was great,” Jessica said. “She recommended clearly stating that you want and need constructive feedback to improve, and to encourage others to be candid with you. Nancy also recommended asking even more frequently for feedback — not just in formal manager meetings or reviews.”

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