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Innovation with Impact: CEB’s Global Talent Monitor

27 October, 2015

Donavan Thomas

Marketing / CEBer since 2012

There’s no question companies are eager to hire top talent, but too often they invest in programs that don’t match what a candidate in a given country really wants. Recruiters struggle to understand what motivates a candidate in one region versus another and heads of HR are stuck in the same situation trying to figure out what matters most when it comes to retention.

Simply put: the ability to understand how employees think and feel about work is critical to any company’s ability to grow since it is the linchpin to not only attraction, but also retention of top talent.

This is where CEB, our people, our products, and our insights come in.

CEB Global Talent Monitor

How We Help the World’s HR Leaders

Our new Global Talent Monitor helps companies quickly understand the differences in employee preferences, around the world, so that they can identify how to tailor their strategies to match those preferences in key locations. The Global Talent Monitor interactive microsite gives employers topline visibility into the needs and motivations of employees worldwide.

Global Talent Monitor is a simplified yet informative version of our larger Global Labor Market Survey which is conducted quarterly with more than 18,000 employees in 20 countries. Rather than feature the results of the full survey (which is available exclusively to CEB members), the site focuses on six key metrics:

In addition to providing a global workforce outlook, the site also offers country-specific snapshots for the US, UK, Australia, China, Germany, and South Africa. Visitors to the site can compare up to three of those countries across any of the six key metrics to see how individuals’ preferences and needs change around the world.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our team launched Global Talent Monitor during the firm’s ReimagineHR event in Chicago on 1 October.  Designing and building the site was a huge effort that spanned several teams across the company. Two of our amazing web designers built the site from the ground up; several members of the HR practice product team ensured the content was timely and represented accurately; and the PR team worked to make the site a reality and launch it to the public.

Following its launch, Global Talent Monitor data has been featured in several publications around the world. From a feature article in The Chicago Tribune to an in-depth look at the UK findings in Recruiter, media are quickly realizing the value of Global Talent Monitor data for telling workforce trend stories.

At CEB, you can be a part of a global firm that is distinguished by the quality of its insights! If you are motivated by ideas and research, have a drive for innovation and product development, or are passionate about using data and technology to transform organizations, visit

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