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Humans of CEB: Meet Mark Little

24 February, 2017

At CEB, when referring to a ‘boomerang,” we aren’t talking about the tool. Similar to the wooden piece, a CEB boomerang returns after leaving. Mark Little proudly describes himself as a boomerang. In fact, it’s the first thing he told me. A Research Leader for Talent Management Labs, Mark allowed me to learn more about his journey with, from, and back to CEB.


Meet Mark Little


Although he explored other opportunities for a time, Mark’s roots run deep with CEB. When Mark joined in 1997, he was involved in and present for a number of early CEB milestones. In 2004, after working remotely from Charlotte, North Carolina for several years and commuting to DC nearly every week, he ended his tenure with the company. For about six years, while in different roles, CEB was never far from his mind. As a customer, Mark consumed and utilized CEB’s work—even implementing research that he had a hand in writing.

Little by little, Mark knew CEB was a place to which he wanted to return. Starting by taking on freelance project work with some of the firm’s leaders, he eventually was fully integrated back into the organization. He now runs a team in Talent Management Labs that is working to enable CEB staff and businesses to leverage CEB’s Talent Data assets for research, benchmarking, and product enhancement.

Due to CEB’s investment in remote technologies over the years, Mark is able to collaborate closely with his team from Charlotte, as if he were in the Arlington, VA headquarters.

“It’s like night and day. During my first run with CEB, being remote full-time wasn’t really workable, and it was essential to travel to headquarters weekly. Now, you can be at any CEB office in the world, in an airport, working from home, and have the same tools at your disposal that your counterparts have. Tools for collaboration and, essentially, face-to-face interaction, make remote work nearly the same as being there.”


Like many CEB groups now, Talent Management Labs has a distributed team, with team members in six locations. But with today’s tools, that is no detriment to team collaboration.

When I asked Mark who or what inspired him most, there was no hesitation when he said his colleagues. Capable, hard-working, and confident folks who are leading the way at CEB.




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