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History of CEB’s Global Impact Week – #CEBGivesBack

3 May, 2016

On 9-13 May, CEB teams around the world will undertake volunteering activities in an effort to make Global Impact Week 2016 the largest and most successful since the philanthropic program began. Teams from London to Washington DC, and from Sydney to Mumbai will take part in activities such as “Project Dirt” and “Scope-a-Thon” as they embrace CEB’s Spirit of Generosity firm value.

CEB Global Impact Week 2016

Global Impact Week began as “Global Service Day” in 2010 as a natural progression from CEB’s prior philanthropic efforts, which were outsourced to a corporate social responsibility organization. Lisa Landis, Global Corporate Citizenship Director, shared that as the company grew “CEB’s Corporate Leadership Team decided that philanthropy was important enough to bring the management of it in-house.”

Lisa, along with Jerry Sorkin, Head of Global Corporate Citizenship, was tasked with running the program when CEB had 1,800 employees in 14 offices around the world. Six years, 4,500 employees, and more than 50 offices later, Global Impact Week is the cornerstone of CEB’s community outreach program worldwide.

Earlier this year, CEB announced its 100% Promise. According to Jerry, the 100% Promise is “a statement that articulates our commitment to our employees and the communities in which we live and work.” The “100% Promise” indicates the development of CEB’s philanthropic projects over time. It also reveals CEB’s acknowledgement of our responsibility to the wider communities where we operate. In 2014, for the first time, the firm set goals for its volunteering activities.

Global impact goals sought to:

  1. Engage with 1,000 social sector leaders,
  2. Provide $2 million worth of support, and
  3. Deliver 30,000 hours of volunteers’ time.

According to Lisa, “All goals were surpassed by 20 percent.” In 2016, efforts are even more expansive. “Given CEB’s strong growth and recent acquisitions, Global Impact Week 2016 is shaping up to be our biggest ever,” Lisa said. There are more geographic-specific projects for volunteers to choose from, everything from food banks to pro bono advisory.

CEB has also sought to align volunteering and Global Impact Week with its employee value proposition. Volunteering is seen as a vehicle for increasing employee engagement and retention. Lisa expressed that the Corporate Leadership Team “loved the idea of using volunteering as a way to bring CEBers together.”

When I asked Lisa why Global Impact Week and corporate philanthropy at CEB are important to her, she said she loves “being [in] the group that brings the company together and that is doing good in the world … I take a lot of pride in that.” And, so do I.


Video: Global Impact Day 2014

Video: Global Impact Week 2015

About the Author: Rex Ejimonyeabala is an Account Management Specialist serving CEB members in South Africa, and is a member of our Global Correspondents Team.

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