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Gartner Sydney Associates Mark A New Chapter Together

15 June, 2017

Associates celebrate our combined company and demonstrate how Gartner and CEB are greater together.

Last month, more than 200 Gartner and heritage CEB associates from our Sydney, Australia, offices came together at Doltone House to celebrate the combining of our two companies. Attendees included members of Research & Advisory, Sales, Events, Global Real Estate & Workforce Planning (REWP), HR, Legal, Advisory and central functions across all heritage CEB business lines, including Best Practices Decision Support (BPDS), Talent Assessment (TA) and Forums.

sydney_event_article_1After a warm welcome from Christy Forest, Managing Director at CEB, now Gartner, who shared her enthusiasm for the merger and our potential as a combined company, Moe Ali, GVP Sales at Gartner, took the floor.

“I’m incredibly excited about the bringing together of Gartner and CEB,” said Moe. “Together we are creating an amazing company with unparalleled service offerings for our clients, and an exciting environment for all of our associates to prosper and grow.”

Famous pairings

The Events teams found a fun and creative way of bringing the “Greater Together” theme to life and encouraging associates to meet their new colleagues. Upon arrival, associates were given the name of one half of a famous pairing. They then had to find the associate with the other half of the pairing, i.e., “the Batman to their Robin,” “the Starsky to their Hutch,” “the Ben to their Jerry” or “the salt to their pepper.” Once their other half was found, associates were able to get to know each other and talk about how they can play a role together in the integration of Gartner and CEB. The game set the tone for an interactive and social evening.sydney_event_article_3

A part of the Gartner family

“It was fantastic working with the combined Events teams on planning this event and coming up with a fun mixer game to connect people,” commented Pamela Hardy, Director of Events for Gartner. “Collaboration is of the utmost importance as we grow our company together.”

William Libert from the heritage CEB social committee led a team of ambassadors from both organizations to help encourage everyone to mix and mingle and celebrate CEB becoming a part of the Gartner family.

“It was great to see everyone talking, engaging with one another and asking questions about each other’s roles,” commented William. “There was a real buzz in the room.”


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