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Four Simple Values. Four Exceptional People.

29 May, 2015

We have a huge, diverse group of people that spans the entire world (54 countries and five continents, in fact). So you might think defining who we are would get a little complicated. But that’s simply not the case! The heart of our firm boils down to four powerful values that serve as sort of a compass for how we do business and how we direct our energy:

Spirit of Generosity—The relationships we build go beyond the commercial and into generous exchange. We feel honest joy from serving our members, colleagues, and communities.

Stewardship of Exceptional Talent—We believe in the power of people coming together to learn from each other, stretch themselves beyond what they thought possible, and discover new ways to grow within their careers—and themselves.

Force of Ideas—The great ideas we discover and bring to life enable business and non-profit leaders and teams to transform their performance.

Member Impact—We succeed when our members do, and we work tirelessly to build innovative solutions that expedite this success.

Every year, our Firm Values Awards celebrate the CEBers who truly embody each of these attributes. Meet our 2015 winners, and learn why now is such a great time to be a part of CEB.

Spirit of Generosity: That’s Just How He Is

Some people just have a natural knack for helping people. This is a perfect way to describe Jag, who brings this drive to his work life and beyond.

After becoming part of CEB in 2012, Jag immediately got involved with our volunteering efforts through CEB in the Community. He also brings an incredible service ethic to helping his team of over 85 people and goes out of his way to befriend people around the company, not just direct reports.

It’s only fitting that he works on a global customer service team. But as a coworker said, “That’s not just Jag wanting what’s best for the company. It’s his natural ethos.”

Stewardship of Exceptional Talent: Empowering Women

A new series of diversity and inclusion initiatives made the year particularly inspiring for us. Jessica played a pivotal role in spearheading Women at CEB, which offers a support network for exchanging ideas, exploring career paths, supporting equality of opportunity, and unlocking leadership potential.

Jessica’s efforts have helped this group develop a mission, a leadership team, and a calendar of engaging events. She has also helped nurture similar groups in our offices around the world. Besides being a hard worker, Jessica is someone CEBers love to work with. As her own peers have said, “She’s someone that many aspire to emulate” and is also “an on-call resource to share her wisdom and experiences.”

Force of Ideas: Finding Bridges for Critical Gaps

We’re in the business of creating powerful insights. But some are so groundbreaking they can’t help but catch fire, both within and outside our company. Marc and his team set out to answer a key question facing corporate leaders: how do we support company growth initiatives in an environment with strained resources?

Their findings sparked immediate attention and became the subject for our annual Executive Guidance publication, which caught the attention of our entire executive network and the public at large. The media took notice too: Marc’s research was featured on The Huffington Post and

At CEB, we love any opportunity to apply our insights to what we do. So we have avidly adopted this research within our own company as well.

Member Impact: Helping Executives See Clearly

As our CEO, Tom Monahan, once put it, “We do like to measure stuff.” That thought is at the heart of a powerful new tool that assesses a function’s progress and helps executives build a long-term plan for success.

The Functional Maturity Diagnostic has greatly helped our members because it gives CEOs much-needed clarity and consistency about the strengths and development areas of their functions. The tool would not have been possible without the work of a talented team of CEBers—Trey, Mark V, Mark L, and Lynne—who each played a uniquely important role in developing, promoting, and applying this exciting new product.

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