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13 November, 2017 By Jill Magda

Get To Know Veterans At Gartner: Meet David, Diego and Kirby

Below you will find recent interviews with Gartner associates: David Dunleavy, Diego Reyes and Kirby Traynham. They all demonstrate that Gartner is a great place for veterans and their families to work. Name: David Dunleavy Role: Senior Account Manager Location: Arlington, VA What’s your Gartner work history? I’ve been at CEB, Now Gartner for 13 years. I started out […]

13 November, 2017 By Jill Magda

Get To Know Veterans At Gartner: Meet Will, Trevor and Jose

Below you will find recent interviews with Gartner associates: Will Cooper, Trevor Keavney and Jose Ramirez. They all demonstrate that Gartner is a great place for veterans and their families to work. Name: Will Cooper Role: Senior Talent Sourcer Location: Egham, U.K. What’s your Gartner work history? I have worked with Gartner in a talent sourcing capacity for just […]

8 November, 2017 By Jill Magda

Get To Know Veterans At Gartner: Meet Dan, Lindsay, Alex and Brian

Below you will find recent interviews with Gartner associates: Dan Birnbaum, Lindsay Coffey, Alex McPhun and Brian Solmonson. They all demonstrate that Gartner is a great place for veterans and their families to work. Name: Dan Birnbaum Role: GVP, Sales and Events Recruiting Location: Stamford, CT What’s your Gartner work history? I joined Gartner and my family relocated to […]

6 November, 2017 By Jill Magda

Get To Know Veterans At Gartner: Meet Mike, Lauren and Sidney

Below you will find recent interviews with Gartner associates: Mike Diliberto, Lauren Herbert and Sidney Melvin. They all demonstrate that Gartner is a great place for veterans and their families to work. Name: Mike Diliberto Role: CIO Location: Stamford, CT What’s your connection to the military? From 1985 to 1994, I was member of the U.S. […]

1 September, 2017 By Jill Magda

Construction in Costa Rica

UK-based Andrew Halliday, account management specialist, recently volunteered in Costa Rica to construct an office for Hogar Crea Niñas Adolescentes, Tres Rios, an orphanage for teenage girls. Andrew shares his experience in Costa Rica and the incredible lessons he learned. Before joining CEB, now Gartner, I had other opportunities to volunteer in Africa, which I […]

17 July, 2017 By Jill Magda

A Day In The Life Of Justin Zandri, VP, Brand Strategy & Marketing Services

Recently, Justin Zandri, Vice President of Brand Strategy & Marketing Services at Gartner in Stamford, CT, USA, took over Gartner’s Snapchat account to promote a day in his life. Below find a few of his snaps and a ton more about what he does on any given day. What is the first thing you do […]

21 June, 2017 By Jill Magda

Women In Technology At Gartner: Meet Michelle Gordon

Name: Michelle Gordon Current Role: Managing Vice President, Corporate Business Systems Number of years in technology: 19 As a leader at a top technology company, why is women in technology such a hot topic? Traditionally women weren’t pursuing these types of careers. I was in college 20+ years ago, and I was one of a few women […]

15 June, 2017 By Jill Magda

Gartner Sydney Associates Mark A New Chapter Together

Associates celebrate our combined company and demonstrate how Gartner and CEB are greater together. Last month, more than 200 Gartner and heritage CEB associates from our Sydney, Australia, offices came together at Doltone House to celebrate the combining of our two companies. Attendees included members of Research & Advisory, Sales, Events, Global Real Estate & Workforce Planning […]

23 May, 2017 By Jill Magda

Gartner Named One Of LinkedIn’s Top 50 Companies To Work For

We made the list of LinkedIn’s Top 50 Companies To Work For. The 50 companies included in this list span 21 industries and employ over 3.3 million workers across the U.S. We are proud to employ 13,000 associates globally and we are looking to hire over 2,400 associates this year. LinkedIn has included us as an employer where […]

16 May, 2017 By Jill Magda

CEB Celebrates 7th Annual Global Impact Week

Our seventh annual Global Impact Week began on May 8th and is finished May 12th.  This is a special opportunity to get our associates out of their day jobs, and get into their communities.  Over the past week, thousands of CEB, now Gartner associates across the world have moved with the power of one company […]

25 April, 2017 By Tyece Wilkins

Nancy Joyce Shares Strategies for Authentic Self-Promotion

Nancy Joyce Shares Strategies for Authentic Self-Promotion CEB, now Gartner, hosted CEO of Joyce Advisors, Nancy Joyce, for an engaging and thought-provoking discussion about authentic self-promotion. More than 70 associates attended the session, powered by Women at CEB, that focused on strategies women can implement in their professional lives to share their achievements, show impact […]

18 April, 2017 By Tyece Wilkins

CEB Is Now Gartner

On 6 April, CEB officially joined Gartner. Together, Gartner and CEB deliver a comprehensive suite of advisory services aligned to the mission critical priorities of virtually all functional business leaders across every industry and size of enterprise worldwide. Together, we help more business leaders and their teams make the right decisions with confidence. Together, we will […]

30 March, 2017 By Tyece Wilkins

Three Male Colleagues Share the Value of Joining Women at CEB

      By: Leela Wilson, Head of Executive Events & Networks Business Integration | Women at CEB Leadership Council General Member Women at CEB’s mission to contribute to the professional development, retention, and attraction of women at CEB hinges on support from men and women alike. Hear from three male CEBers about the value […]

24 March, 2017 By Tyece Wilkins

Humans of CEB: Meet Becca Porte

  Of everything that channel marketing specialist Becca Porte imagined she would do during her career, hand modeling was not on that list. But, at the end of last year she offered to help with a photo shoot by holding a direct mailing that was photographed and distributed to customers. Becca joked that her hands […]

21 March, 2017 By Jennifer Beyer

The Intersection of Women and Technology at CEB

Gender balance in IT— just one of the topics discussed during CEB’s Meet the Company event with Women in Technology (WIT) in Arlington, VA on 26 February 2017.  CEB is a corporate sponsor of Women in Technology, a D.C. based organization that aims to advance women in technology.  As a sponsor, CEB is able to […]

15 March, 2017 By Jennifer Beyer

Winning #PetsofCEB

We work with truly exceptional talent, and for the past three weeks CEBers got a glimpse into each other’s lives and were introduced to everyone’s furry loved ones.  They shared their pets, voted for the best, and followed the story on CEB’s @LifeatCEB Instagram, using the hashtag #PetsofCEB.  Each week, the most liked dog, cat, fish, […]

10 March, 2017 By Tyece Wilkins

Infographic: Unlocking the Power of Gender Equality

Take action and join us. CEB believes that diversity in background, perspective, and thought is critical to our success in delivering insights that advance members’ interests. A diverse professional environment helps us better understand the needs of global members and clients and enables varied thinking that informs the creativity and relevance of our work. Join […]

3 March, 2017 By Tyece Wilkins

Kevin Dua Shares Lessons in Diversity

By: Mike Parks, Waterview Conference Center Services Manager “Do you know KIDS?” That was the subject line inviting CEBers to hear from educator and activist Kevin Dua as part of CEB Mosaic’s Black History Month programming. Dua, a history teacher and community organizer in the Boston area, developed the KIDS (Kindness in Diverse Settings) framework […]

28 February, 2017 By Jennifer Beyer

A Day in the Life of a CEB Executive Advisor

I’ve been asked to share with you what a “day in the life” looks like for a CEB Executive Advisor. Scott Collins, Principal Executive Advisor  I’ve been asked to share with you what a “day in the life” looks like for a CEB Executive Advisor. And, you know, I sat down to write this and […]

24 February, 2017 By Tyece Wilkins

Humans of CEB: Meet Mark Little

At CEB, when referring to a ‘boomerang,” we aren’t talking about the tool. Similar to the wooden piece, a CEB boomerang returns after leaving. Mark Little proudly describes himself as a boomerang. In fact, it’s the first thing he told me. A Research Leader for Talent Management Labs, Mark allowed me to learn more about […]

14 February, 2017 By Tyece Wilkins

CEB Named a Top Company for Women to Work

CEB was recently named one of the top 10 companies for women to work, according to a study conducted by InHerSight. CEB joined several other companies on the list including Netflix, PayPal, and Google, all rated according to the following five key factors as qualities of a women-friendly workplace: Equal opportunities for men and women […]

7 February, 2017 By Jennifer Beyer

Tips to Land a Full-Time Job through Your Internship

You’ve landed a great internship for the summer before you graduate. You’ve landed a great internship for the summer before you graduate. You’re excited about your new opportunity and the possibilities it can offer you. You want to make the most of your summer and take advantage of the networking that is available to you. […]

4 January, 2017 By Tyece Wilkins

CEBers Share Takeaways from the S.H.E. Summit

The S.H.E. Summit held on 28 and 29 October in New York City featured more than 50 men and women who presented their messages to encourage and uplift women in support of gender diversity. The summit, founded by Claudia Chan, is a “membership-driven, global empowerment conference devoted to supporting, not only holistically thriving leaders (and […]

3 January, 2017 By Jennifer Beyer

Stay Calm, Hack On

  What’s a great way to bring staff members together from around the business to design new-to-world solutions to today’s problems? A hackathon, of course! CEB’s hackathon is a collaborative competition that requires teams to think outside the box to solve problems in areas like mobility, data analytics, social media, security, infrastructure, and application development. […]

13 December, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

CEB Scores 100% on Corporate Equality Index

  Many of us dream of a world where everyone is valued and treated equally. We’ve take some action toward making this world a reality, but we still have a ways to go. CEB has taken its own steps to ensure a positive and inclusive work environment for all employees. From offering same-sex domestic partner […]

1 December, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

Work-School Balance: Tips from Varsity-Level Learners

  By: Jennifer Beyer – For most of us, life is pretty busy. You’re used to balancing multiple tasks at any given time. So learning to balance grad school and a full-time job shouldn’t be too difficult, right? But it wouldn’t hurt to get some advice from others who have done it. CEB is in […]

10 November, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

Barbara Krumsiek Asks “Why Aren’t We There Yet?”

There” is an adverb meaning “in, at, or to that place or position.” But, during Barbara Krumsiek’s recent discussion “Why Aren’t We There Yet?” the word took on brand new meaning. For Krumsiek, former president and CEO of Calvert Investments and a leader in sustainable investing, “there” meant full equality and gender balance in corporations, […]

28 October, 2016 By Karen DeVigili

3 Ways to Build a Stronger Personal Brand on LinkedIn

One of the routine tasks for my college friends and I almost immediately following graduation was to update or, in some cases, create our LinkedIn profiles. Although I was always happy to offer my advice, opinion, or thoughts on my friends’ profiles when consulted, I always felt a sinking sensation when I took a look […]

28 October, 2016 By William Pointon

Highlights from the 2016 CEB Sales and Marketing Summit

From 18-20 October, Sales and Marketing professionals joined CEB in Las Vegas for the 2016 Sales and Marketing Summit. The event featured a series of sessions designed to boost attendees’ understanding of, and ability to, adapt to critical changes facing B2B commercial teams today. Shelley West, Principal Executive Advisor, Marketing & Communications Practice and Peter […]

18 October, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

How to be a Savvy Business Traveler

Mastering how to travel for business is an art. You have to balance your everyday work responsibilities with the time it takes to travel.  By: Jennifer Beyer Mastering how to travel for business is an art. You have to balance your everyday work responsibilities with the time it takes to travel.  It’s not for the […]

14 October, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

CEB Insight Case Competition Gains Ground in India

CEB’s Insight Case Competition launched for the first time in India, generating more than 850 applications from business students across the country. The CEB Insight Case Competition offers the brightest minds in the country the unique opportunity to team up, research a real business case, and present their ideas to global CEB executives. After several […]

22 September, 2016 By Brooke Strother

Celebrating CEB’s Mosaic

CEB Mosaic, CEB’s newest Diversity & Inclusion group, celebrated its first nine months of activity in a signature event on Tuesday, 13 September at the company’s Waterview location. CEBers saw 3D letters spelling out “M-O-S-A-I-C” upon entry into the room that night. A four-person band played jazz, complementing the quiet, comforting din of chatter and […]

16 September, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

Three Women in Power Share Secrets of Success

  “Have a point of view and the confidence to express it.” “Work for an employer you believe in.” “You’re not negotiating for yourself, you are negotiating for every woman that comes after you.” These were just some of the pieces of advice that three panelists shared during Women at CEB’s “Women in Power” event […]

15 September, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

Thriving in a World of Constant Change: Highlights From ReimagineHR

ReimagineHR, hosted 7-9 September in Miami, brought together  the largest gathering of senior HR executives to discuss insights, research, best practices, and solutions for challenges today’s HR teams are facing. Check out some highlights from the event below! ReimagineHR will also take place in London 26-27 October. Click here to learn more about the event.   [<a […]

9 September, 2016 By Karen DeVigili

Why Early Careerists Should Chase Their Ideal Skills, Not Their Ideal Roles

Ever heard the advice that we should follow our dreams? I have a different take on this piece of advice. I think you should follow your skills.  Karen DeVigili  Communications & Engagement Associate/ CEBer since 2014 Ever heard the advice that we should follow our dreams? I have a different take on this piece of […]

1 September, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

10 Questions With Mohamed Farid, Managing Director, Middle East Talent Management

Can you tell me about your role?   I’m responsible for running the CEB Talent Assessment business in the Middle East and North Africa. Zehra Zaidi Senior Marketing Communication Manager / CEBer since 2013       Can you tell me about your role?   I’m responsible for running the CEB Talent Assessment business in the Middle East […]

1 September, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

CEB is Back on Tour

By: Jennifer Beyer Students are going back to school and so is CEB. Our Talent Acquisition team and school alumni are returning to university campuses to talk with students about internships and recruit for full-time positions. Current students are encouraged to apply to our entry level research and sales opportunities available in the US or […]

26 August, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

How to Craft a Compelling Career Story

“So, tell me a little bit about yourself.” It’s the question some job seekers dread. Should you talk about your hobbies? Why you’re looking for a new job? What you ate for dinner last night? Answering this question is why knowing your career story comes in handy. Your career story sums up what has happened […]

19 August, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for your First Day

By: Jennifer Beyer Your first day of work can feel like the first day of school. I remember losing sleep and being worried that I would get lost on the Metro. It’s normal to be nervous. To prepare, you’ve filled out all of your paperwork. You’ve picked out your outfit and planned to arrive early. […]

16 August, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

What Is It Like to Work at CEB South Africa?

By: Brandon Pleaner Manager, Talent Solutions We’re a curious bunch, us South Africans. Why have one official language when you can have 11? What, one capital city? So boring, we’ve got three! We’ve got gold, diamonds, platinum, and chrome. Cool. What’s our biggest export? Mohair! Jip, mohair. We also have a curious way of seeing […]

12 August, 2016 By Luke Woollen

CEB in London: Collaborating and Competing

During the last week of July, CEBers in London came together through a series of daily events (and competitions!) called “Life @ CEB: Experience London” to participate in professional development opportunities and events to help them build on CEB’s culture and celebrate everything that makes CEB great. In this article, I’ll share some of those […]

5 August, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

7 CEB Interns Share the Most Valuable Part of Their Internship

A CEB internship provides students with meaningful training and work experience while fulfilling the work requirements of a specific CEB program or department. Let’s meet the 2016 interns and hear some of their most valuable lessons learned. “It’s been great to have the freedom to reach out and explore all aspects of CEB. I’ve learned […]

21 July, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

What’s The Best Career Advice You Ever Received?

  Post by Brooke Strother, CEBer since 2015 As many know, one’s career can be filled to the brim with well-meaning advice. It’s often hard to differentiate between advice, constructive feedback, or even criticism. As a recent college graduate, navigating the corporate landscape can be daunting when surrounded by experienced, articulate professionals. Thankfully, at CEB […]

15 July, 2016 By Karen DeVigili

What I Would Tell My 22-Year-Old Self About How to Kickstart A Career

Karen DeVigili, CEBer since 2014 I remember the butterflies in my stomach as I drove home from graduation, cap and gown on the passenger’s seat, my car packed with my worldly possessions in the late spring heat. Every racing thought I had seemed to lead back to the same question: “What now?” Most of my […]

7 July, 2016 By Ciera Pope

Five CEBers Share How They Start a Productive Day

We often hear that how we begin our day affects the rest of it. And yet, if you are anything like me, you spend your morning battling with your alarm clock (screaming “five more minutes!”), debating whether to put on make-up or take your puppy outside for a walk—leaving absolutely no time for breakfast—and rushing […]

28 June, 2016 By Rajiv Desai

Proud @ CEB

By Rajiv Desai It was June 2007 when I finally accepted my sexuality at the age of 27 and “came out of the closet” – to a very accepting group of family and friends who unconditionally loved me for who I am. It was June 2015 when I witnessed the legalization of same-sex marriage after […]

17 June, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

CEB Signs the White House Equal Pay Pledge

Commitment. Advocacy. Expanded opportunities. CEB recently joined more than 20 other companies in signing the Equal Pay Pledge-“a commitment to take action within [the organization] by conducting an annual company-wide gender pay analysis across occupations, reviewing their hiring and promotion processes, embedding equal pay efforts into broader enterprise-wide equity initiatives, and identifying and promoting other […]

9 June, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

The Life at CEB Blog: 10 Quotes from Posts That Shaped the Past Year

1 year. 73 posts. More than a dozen authors. Countless ways we’ve shared the CEB story. What started in 2015 as an effort to provide a glimpse behind CEB’s walls has evolved into a mosaic of content representing our people, culture, values, and career opportunities. From spotlighting offices across the globe to hearing career advice […]

2 June, 2016 By Berry Soltani

The CEB West Team: Delivering Outsized Impact

From Humble Beginnings Rewind to the spring of 2007, when CEB is expanding its presence to foggy San Francisco to bring us closer to our West Coast clients and take advantage of a flourishing talent pool. Our earliest team members were four revenue staff who relocated from our DC offices. Return to the present day, […]

26 May, 2016 By Ruth McCammont

Global Impact Week 2016: Showing the World How #CEBGivesBack

This year CEBers got out and gave back to their local communities in their thousands, during Global Impact Week 2016. We asked our teams to snap and share their Global Impact Week pictures using the hashtag #CEBGivesBack. Here is a collection of our best photos, offering a glimpse of CEB’s Spirit of Generosity. Want more? […]

24 May, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

A Conversation with Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter, Powered by Women@CEB

On 16 May, Women@CEB–CEB’s diversity and inclusion group dedicated to professional development, impact, retention, and attraction of women–partnered with the Washington Women’s Leadership Initiative (WWLI) to host Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter for a conversation to kick off its Authentic Leadership speaker series. The event provided an opportunity for CEB’s diversity and inclusion leaders as well as […]

19 May, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

Partnering with Milk Stork to Support Mothers Returning to Work

In March 2016, CEB introduced a new program that is targeted at easing business travel for new mothers transitioning back to work. The program, Milk Stork, is a breast milk delivery service that allows nursing mothers to ship breast milk back to their homes in a safe and convenient manner while they’re away on business […]

17 May, 2016 By Jordan Evans

7 Things I Learned in My First Year on the Job

Hey you! Yea you–all you recent grads worried about what life after college will hold. Fear not, I was in your shoes just 12 months ago. (Woah, that’s a reality check!) I packed my bags to leave Bloomington, Indiana for Chicago. As I reflect on what has been quite an exciting first year of work, […]

10 May, 2016 By Sammi Levy

Celebrating CEB’s Community Impact in Singapore – #CEBGivesBack

At a sold out event on 22 April 2016, CEB was recognized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. This inaugural annual general meeting was organized to celebrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility, as well as the United States and Singapore’s diplomatic relations. CEB’s very own Stuart Hedley, Managing Director for Southeast Asia Talent Management and Sales, […]

3 May, 2016 By Rex Ejimonyeabala

History of CEB’s Global Impact Week – #CEBGivesBack

On 9-13 May, CEB teams around the world will undertake volunteering activities in an effort to make Global Impact Week 2016 the largest and most successful since the philanthropic program began. Teams from London to Washington DC, and from Sydney to Mumbai will take part in activities such as “Project Dirt” and “Scope-a-Thon” as they […]

28 April, 2016 By Eliza Krigman

10 Questions with Per Carlsson—Managing Director, Nordics Talent Assessment

In our latest senior leader Q&A, meet Per Carlsson, MD for CEB’s Talent Assessment business in the Nordics. Per candidly shares his professional experiences and shines the spotlight on what he likes to get up to away from work, his top travel destinations, and more. Can you tell me about your role? I’m responsible for […]

19 April, 2016 By Luke Woollen

10 Questions with Ornella Chinotti—Managing Director, Italy and France

In our “10 Questions with” series, you’ll learn more about the people behind our growing business. This month we shine the spotlight on Ornella Chinotti, the firm’s managing director in Italy and France for Talent Management, who has been with CEB since 1990. Can you tell me about your role? My role is to manage […]

12 April, 2016 By Shannon Smedstad

Veterans at CEB: Creating, Impacting Communities

One fact that our research proves time and again is that businesses see better results when they include the broadest array of talent possible. And it’s no secret that veterans have a lot to offer any business. Our findings show that service men and women: • Make excellent leaders, • Provide a specialized skillset, • […]

7 April, 2016 By Negin Rezazad

10 questions with Stefan Ferreira—Managing Director, South Africa Talent Management

I have long been fascinated by the history and culture of South Africa and was so excited to be given the opportunity to speak to one of CEB’s managing directors in our Johannesburg office. In speaking with Stefan Ferreira, who oversees CEB’s Talent Assessment business in Africa, I quickly learned that the community and service-oriented […]

31 March, 2016 By Karen DeVigili

Life After College: Meet Maria and Mona

If you are or know a soon-to-be college graduate, you are well aware of the world of cover letters, resume edits, and interview preparation. So, what happens when you get through it all and land your first job? I recently sat down with Maria and Mona, two grads and early career professionals, to discuss life […]

30 March, 2016 By Laura Sylvest

Investing in Data Sciences: CEB and the University of Illinois

CEB datasets now number in the billions—35 billion at last estimate. It’s a massive amount of information to stay on top of. But who’s counting, really? Well, as of last week, a group of students at the University of Illinois will be. On March 16, 2016, CEB opened the Data Innovation Center at the University […]

24 March, 2016 By Donavan Thomas

International Women’s Week 2016, Powered by Women at CEB

On 8 March, individuals, groups and companies around the world came together to celebrate International Women’s Day. This annual observance is designed to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievement of women. It probably comes as no surprise that Women at CEB wanted to participate in the celebration, as it’s squarely in line with […]

10 March, 2016 By Shannon Smedstad

The #LifeatCEB Most Instagrammable Office Photo Contest

After visiting CEB earlier this year, a student from the University of Virginia exclaimed that our DC area office was “the most Instagrammable office.” That millennial moment sparked an idea! And, from 22 February to 4 March, we asked our teams to snap and share their best CEB office pictures on Instagram, using the hashtags […]

3 March, 2016 By Berry Soltani

10 Questions with Christoffer Ellehuus—Market Leader, HR North America

One of my favorite activities here at CEB is connecting with colleagues and finding out what’s happening in other parts of our business. I recently sat down with Christoffer Ellehuus, a CEBer since 2002, who shared his perspective on what makes CEB stand out from other companies in the market, and discussed professional experiences and […]

22 February, 2016 By Caroline Bennett

2015 Firm Values Awards: Celebrating Talent, Ideas, and Powerful Results

  By Caroline Bennett, writer and CEBer since 2014 When a new year rolls in at CEB, we plan our strategy for the coming months and thank a special group of individuals who have embodied our company’s four core values over the year. It’s a meaningful way to recognize talented people who have accomplished amazing […]

18 February, 2016 By Heidi Huang

CEB in Greater China: Growing from Strength to Strength

CEB has three offices in Greater China: Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. Our Hong Kong office, where it all began, is located in one of the city’s most popular commercial destinations— Causeway Bay—and hosts nearly 25 employees. With 30 years of experience in talent management, CEB in Hong Kong is a leading player and rule-maker […]

16 February, 2016 By Jennifer Beyer

Internships That Lead to Your Career Goals

  By Jen Beyer, NA Talent Acquisition Lead, @JenLynnBeyer You have two papers due, you have an exam tomorrow, and you’re late to class. How are you ever going to find the time to search for a summer internship? It’s the last thing on your mind. You’ll just have to figure it out after exams […]

4 February, 2016 By Shannon Smedstad

Storytelling and Teaching Bold Ideas in Business

Have you heard about corporate storytelling? It’s a business buzzword rooted in the idea of capturing the hearts and minds of an audience. At CEB, corporate storytelling is at the core of how our advisory community makes an outsized impact on our audience: the world’s largest and most renowned companies. It’s how we take a […]

1 February, 2016 By Katelyn Livingston

Undergraduates: Compete in CEB’s New Challenge on MindSumo

Did you know? Some of CEB’s top talent and leaders first joined the company right after receiving their undergraduate degrees. Our Chief Commercial Officer, Kurt Reisenberg, is a great example of this. Kurt graduated from Brown University in 1994 and joined CEB that July—22 years later, he has become one of the firm’s top executives. […]

28 January, 2016 By Ruth McCammont

10 Questions with Leonie Dorkins – HR Director, Talent Management

In our 10 Questions series, you’ll learn more about the people behind our business. This month we shine the spotlight on Leonie Dorkins, CEB’s HR Director for Talent Management. Can you tell me about your role? I head up the HR generalist team that supports the talent management part of CEB. My team partners with […]

26 January, 2016 By Sadhna Gupta

An Insider’s View: How CEB Creates Member Impact

“Don’t worry … even though we have someone from Legal in the room, we can still have an open conversation.” This is how Scott Collins, principal executive advisor for CEB’s Sales Leadership Council for midsized companies, introduced me at a recent meeting titled “Taming Sales Complexity.” His comment received quite a few chuckles from the […]

19 January, 2016 By Tyece Wilkins

What We Do, Why We’re Here: Our First 30 Days at CEB

In 2011, fresh out of undergrad and ready to take on the world, I tacked a quote from Neale Donald Walsch to the bulletin board in my cubicle: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I’ve carried that quote with me for the past five years. It stood out even more when I […]

12 January, 2016 By Shannon Smedstad

US Campus Preview: Calling All 2016 and 2017 Grads!

Welcome to the spring semester! For many of you, this means one of two things: you’re looking for a summer internship or a full-time position with an amazing company. Either way, CEB has you covered. Our recruiting team will soon visit several top schools in search of intellectually curious and driven students. As a rising senior, […]

30 December, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

The Best of #LifeatCEB on Instagram

One of the best ways that CEB offers a glimpse inside our corporate culture is by sharing photos on Instagram. Here are some of the top moments of 2015, as snapped, filtered, and shared by our employees. To view all photos, now and in the future, why not follow us? [<a href=”//″ target=”_blank”>View the story “The Best of #LifeatCEB on […]

29 December, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

Top 10 “Life at CEB” Stories of 2015

Seven months and 46 articles later, the Life at CEB blog continues to shine a light on all the geeky, nerdy, cool stuff—and people—that make CEB great. As the year continues to wind down, you may begin to see various “top lists” of 2015. From music videos to commercials, and from sports highlights to well […]

28 December, 2015 By Julia Valentine

Our Top 5 EMEA Videos of 2015

Did you know that CEB serves 87 percent of the FTSE 100? Or that we equip senior leaders at more than 10,000 companies across 110 countries? Our reach and impact is unrivaled; if you don’t believe it, you can watch the videos below to learn how we create member impact. As a marketing team, we […]

22 December, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

#LifeatCEB Holidays Around the World

At the beginning of December, the global communications team put out a call for “guest-Grammers” to take over the Life at CEB Instagram account. Why? Because sometimes the best way to spread holiday cheer is taking photos for all to see. So, from ugly sweaters to charitable events, and from tasty treats to photo booths … here are some holiday […]

17 December, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

Expecting Parent? Our New Guide Offers Advice and Support

For expecting parents, the questions might seem endless. Should I plan time off before the baby’s due date? How do I manage nursing after I return to work? What are some good pregnancy and new baby resources? Which baby items do I really need? Will the baby remember me once I return to work? Preparing […]

15 December, 2015 By Eliza Krigman

Reporting Live from the CEB NewsDesk

Every year, CEB equips more than 20,000 senior leaders, from 10,000+ organizations across 110 countries, with the intelligence they need to respond quickly to evolving business conditions. We’re All About Member Impact The CEB NewsDesk team plays an integral role in connecting the firm’s Finance practice members with a wealth of research and business insight. […]

10 December, 2015 By Neha Gupta

Women at CEB: Secrets to Success from One Very Productive CEBer

When you’ve been a CEBer for more than 20 years and held close to 15 different positions, you inevitably learn a few lessons about what you want out of your career and how to find a work-life balance that fits. Margot Dehn is a great example of this kind of CEBer. She began her life […]

6 December, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

Office Spotlight: Perform, Connect, and Recharge in Australia

How do you perform, connect, and recharge at work? Is that something you’ve thought of before? At CEB in Australia, our ANZ leadership team and social committee thinks a lot about how to align our employees’ experiences back to those three actions. But why? Our high performance commercial, advisory, and consulting teams sell and support […]

1 December, 2015 By Jennifer Beyer

To Mail or Not to Mail a Thank You? That is the Question.

Good news! You got the interview and you think you nailed it. Now what? Good news! You got the interview and you think you nailed it. Now what? How do you follow up, and show your continued interest in and appreciation for the opportunity? Do you give the recruiter a call, send a quick e-mail, […]

22 November, 2015 By Ruth McCammont

10 Questions with Volker Jacobs—Managing Director, DACH

I’m sometimes asked what’s great about working at CEB. And my top answer is ALWAYS our people. In this series, we shine the spotlight on the people behind CEB. This month, we head to Germany to meet Volker Jacobs—who oversees all CEB business in DACH and the CEB HR Consulting and HR Technology businesses in […]

19 November, 2015 By Brian McAlpin

100% Proud: CEB Named a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality

Just one year after the initial launch of CEB Pride, CEB has scored a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) 2016 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). Now, you may be wondering what this index is and why it is important. In the United States, the CEI is the benchmarking tool on corporate […]

15 November, 2015 By Nikita Ojha

CEB in Gurgaon, India: Full Speed Ahead

CEB’s presence in India has grown dramatically over the last 10 years, from 10 people in 2005 to more than 600 CEBers, across four offices, in 2015. That’s CEB India for you—an amalgamation of great ideas, talented teams, and thriving diversity! The CEB Gurgaon office, where it all began, is located in the most popular […]

9 November, 2015 By John Taylor

Celebrating CEB’s Veterans and Their Families

Did you know that military veterans played a key role in developing CEB’s Ignition™ Diagnostic? In creating CEB’s Workforce Surveys and Analytics program? Or, that a veteran is head of research for all of CEB’s leadership councils? It’s true!  Military veterans and their families are a driving force at CEB and play a critical role in […]

5 November, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

Showing Our Support on #SpiritDay

On 14 October 2015, a simple message was posted via our internal social network. It read: “Around the world, Thursday, October 15 is Spirit Day! Spirit Day began in 2010 as a way to show support for LGBT youth and take a stand against bullying. Following a string of high-profile suicide deaths of gay teens […]

3 November, 2015 By Caroline Bennett

The #CEBSummit—Insights and Inspiration in Las Vegas!

Learning inspires us at CEB. And each year, we connect Sales, Marketing, and Communications professionals with some of our company’s brightest minds, in one place, for three days of sharing the most powerful, disruptive insights of the moment. We call it the “SMAC Summit,” and in 2015, it was held in none other than Las […]

27 October, 2015 By Donavan Thomas

Innovation with Impact: CEB’s Global Talent Monitor

There’s no question companies are eager to hire top talent, but too often they invest in programs that don’t match what a candidate in a given country really wants. Recruiters struggle to understand what motivates a candidate in one region versus another and heads of HR are stuck in the same situation trying to figure […]

20 October, 2015 By Donavan Thomas

10 Questions with Kerry Ghize – Market Region Lead, EMEA

In this series, you will learn more about the people behind CEB. Meet Kerry Ghize, who oversees CEB’s commercial staff for the EMEA market and also serves as the London office lead. Kerry originally offered her advice and perspective to the Women at CEB group, a global network of women and men who care about […]

13 October, 2015 By Torrey Crawford

Build the Best and Close the Gaps: CEB’s Talent Development Business

At CEB we are—by far—the most expert firm in the business of identifying opportunities to improve corporate performance. Our talent measurement assessments and best practice programs offer the world’s most powerful insights about what “great” looks like and where most individuals and organizations fall short. The Talent Development part of our business plays a critical […]

6 October, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

CEB in Chicago: Collaboration and Community

Want to work in the Windy City? Chicago is home to three CEB offices: one downtown location houses our best practice and decision support (BPDS) team, our Metrics that Matter™ team resides at another, and our Workforce Survey and Analytics team is located in Rolling Meadows. Let’s take a look at how the BPDS team […]

29 September, 2015 By Sheena Burce

CEBers in Paradise: The 2015 Associates’ Circle Trip

What’s the closest you’ve ever been to paradise? As I walked out of my hotel room on my last day of the Associates’ Circle trip, I bid farewell to a place that defines it—Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. This was the setting for one of CEB’s 2015 sales incentive trips, designed to reward top […]

22 September, 2015 By Donavan Thomas

10 Questions with Tasneen Padiath – Managing Director, Southeast Asia

Often, when you ask other CEBers why they love working at CEB, their answer is the same as mine–the people. This series will allow you to learn a little more about the people behind CEB. Meet Tasneen Padiath, who oversees CEB’s commercial teams in Southeast Asia and also serves as the Singapore office lead. Tasneen […]

17 September, 2015 By Caroline Bennett

CEB InsightFest: What Happens When Great Minds Connect

Want to know how CEB researchers celebrate? We’ve summed it up in a single word: InsightFest. This unique event began last year, and it takes place over two to four days in our DC, London, and Gurgaon offices, which house the majority of our research teams. InsightFest is a great opportunity for these talented individuals […]

10 September, 2015 By Caroline Bennett

Costa Rica: Our First Service Trip Abroad

Generosity influences everything we do here. We feel honest joy from helping clients learn and apply best business practices, and from helping our communities thrive. In May, we took that spirit abroad, with a first-of-its-kind sponsored service trip, the Global Impact Week fellowship. A group of extraordinary CEBers (picked through an intense application process) gave […]

3 September, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

Eureka! Archimedes Week Sparks Innovation and Creativity

Archimedes. He lived during the times of ancient Greece and was known for his intellectual curiosity and appetite for mathematics. This notable scientist is credited with discovering buoyancy and shouting the word ‘Eureka’ when he discovered big ideas. So, what does Archimedes have to do with CEB? Every two years, researchers working in our TECH […]

1 September, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

Campus Recruiting Preview: 23 Universities We’ll Soon Visit

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year: the start of school. Everyone begins with a fresh slate. The excitement of the new year brings opportunities to make new friends, take new classes, and expand your mind, network, and impact. Though it’s been many years since I was a college student, I now […]

27 August, 2015 By Lisa Landis

Employee Volunteer Programs: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Organizing an Employee Volunteer Program is flat-out the right thing for any corporation to do. As fellow citizens of earth, we all have a responsibility to positively affect society—in the arts, sports, human services, education, etc. So many opportunities exist to use your personal skills and passions for good. Across the last several years, corporate […]

21 August, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

Future CEBers: Bring Your Child to Work Day in London

On 20 August, CEBers working in our London office were visited by 13 pint-size special guests. It was our first-ever Bring Your Child to Work day in the UK, and there is already an appetite for the next one. As a working parent myself, I aspire to balance work and life, life and work. It […]

20 August, 2015 By Jennifer Beyer

Using LinkedIn? Here’s How to Catch the Eye of a Recruiter

As a recruiter, I often receive LinkedIn connection requests from individuals whom I don’t know, along with general e-mail messages from people wanting to learn more about my organization. This is great and I’m excited to talk about CEB, but many times the request or e-mail has no real context. I’m unsure why they really […]

18 August, 2015 By Katie Harley

Making an Impact—Meet CEB’s UK Interns

At the end of June, six bright and sharp-minded interns were carefully selected from a pool of psychology and business students. Leanne, Elisha, Michael, Hussein, Stefi, and Katie are the very first group of interns to join our SHL Talent Measurement But what does this team do? In short, the group develops innovative solutions that […]

13 August, 2015 By Kiranjit Bassi

Experience London: Life at CEB Week

Tasty treats, networking, and yoga—all in one week? Yes, and all part of Experience London: Life at CEB Week. Organized by a small (but mighty) team of CEBers through 27 – 31 July, this event was comprised of daily themed events that were designed to celebrate everything that makes CEB great. “The aim of the […]

11 August, 2015 By Archana Navin

Women at CEB: Ponna Arumugam, CEB’s Chief Technology Officer

Around the world, CEB employs exceptional women at all levels within the firm—from intern to chief technology officer, from associate to chief administrative officer. Many of these women have chosen to join a group called Women at CEB—a global network of women and men who care about equality of opportunity and helping women to unlock […]

6 August, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

Office Spotlight: CEB Iconoculture™ Consumer Insights in Minneapolis

Who do marketers trust for the latest insight on consumer trends? Who has the pulse on Gen We and Gen Xers? Who do companies use to get inside the millennial mind? Look no further than CEB Iconoculture™ Consumer Insights, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We recently visited the urban loft-style office to learn more about the […]

30 July, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

10 Questions with Tony Anello, Market Leader-Americas

As a member of CEB’s Global Communications team, I am naturally curious about what we’re doing in other parts of the business and in other parts of the world. As a writer, I look out for stories to uncover and share, and I am always open to meeting new people and having great conversations. During […]

28 July, 2015 By Sichao Ge

Get to Know CEB’s London Interns

Summer is finally here in the United Kingdom and so are the summer interns! Each year, CEB recruits sharp minds to be a part of a paid summer internship. The program is designed to provide university students with valuable exposure to business and to help us further develop our business, communication, and leadership skills. On […]

7 July, 2015 By Elizabeth Meyer

Meet CEB’s 2015 Chicago Summer Interns

Now that you’ve met the 37 interns working in DC, it’s time to meet our five business development interns in the Chicago office! As has become the norm here at CEB, this group of interns is full of driven, intellectually curious, bright college students. We are excited to see how they make an impact in […]

30 June, 2015 By Elizabeth Meyer

10 Questions with Teresa Green, Head of Global Talent Acquisition

As an intern, I’m exploring my own career options and beginning to think through my goals, both short- and long-term. Recently, I had a chance to sit down with Teresa Green, CEB’s Head of Global Talent Acquisition, along with Sibi and Varun, two of my fellow interns. We wanted to learn more about Teresa’s background […]

24 June, 2015 By Elizabeth Meyer

Meet CEB’s 2015 DC Summer Interns

It’s that time of year again … the summer interns are here! On 1 June, 37 interns from 24 universities started work in our Washington, DC area office, placed across four different functions: sales, research, strategy, and employer branding. CEBers are known to be an intelligent, collaborative, fun group of people, and this year’s interns […]

23 June, 2015 By Julia Valentine

Career Moments: My First Successful Sales E-Mail

It seems odd that an e-mail could be considered a “career moment,” but anyone who has worked in a junior-level sales role knows what an important career moment this is. And it was my first experience in sales success. When I began my career at CEB, I had already trained for two years to be […]

16 June, 2015 By Warren Thune

CEB Pride: Making Progress, Making an Impact

June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month (LGBT Pride Month) in the US, and is the time around the world that communities recognize the contributions of the LGBT community. This is also is a good moment for me to look back at the first eight months of progress of our LGBT affinity group, […]

8 June, 2015 By Brian McAlpin

Kicking Off LGBT Month with CEB Pride

Some of the latest data from the Human Rights Campaign states that 53 percent of the LGBT community hide who they are while at work. While this statistic is troubling, it is also a challenge to each of us to think about what we can do to foster an inclusive work environment. In 2014, we […]

29 May, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

Making a Home in India’s Silicon Valley

At the beginning of 2015, the city of Bangalore, India was officially designated Bengaluru, the Indian name for the city. On 30 March, CEB officially opened a new office in Bengaluru, India’s third most populous city and one of the fastest-growing major metropolitan areas in the country. Keeping pace with the city’s rapid growth is […]

29 May, 2015 By Jennifer Beyer

Four Tips for Using Your Liberal Arts Degree in Your Job Search

When I told my parents I was going to major in Sociology, they wondered, “What kind of job are you going to get with that?” I have to admit, I had to ask myself the same question. But if you are a liberal arts major, I have some good news for you. Because of the […]

29 May, 2015 By Donavan Thomas

Powered by Women at CEB

Over the course of 2014, CEB started several diversity and inclusion initiatives spanning key groups across the company. While I am an advocate for all of them, the one closest to my heart is the Women at CEB group. The mission of Women at CEB is to contribute to the professional development, impact, retention, and […]

29 May, 2015 By Caroline Bennett

Four Simple Values. Four Exceptional People.

We have a huge, diverse group of people that spans the entire world (54 countries and five continents, in fact). So you might think defining who we are would get a little complicated. But that’s simply not the case! The heart of our firm boils down to four powerful values that serve as sort of […]

29 May, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

Celebrating What Makes Us Uniquely CEB

We can tell you all about what CEB does. We can tell you about our members and clients, our insights, our products, and even our talented people. But you’ve probably read enough career-advice articles to know that one of the most important things to evaluate about a new company is their culture.  But how do […]

8 May, 2015 By Brett Agypt

Applying Academic Principles to Solve Applied Problems

Academics typically have limited career paths, particularly when you come out of the world of organization behavior. When I was pursuing my Ph.D. in Organizational Science, I kept getting the same question: Are you going academic

8 May, 2015 By Shannon Smedstad

CEB in Hamburg: Du bist in bester Gesellschaft

More than three years ago, CEB announced the acquisition of the German consulting firm Baumgartner. This strategic move deepened CEB’s existing European footprint and became a driving force for operations serving the DACH region—Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

8 May, 2015 By Lisa Landis

Giving Back, Creating Impact, and Crushing Goals

Here at CEB we love goals and metrics, almost as much as we love volunteering and giving back to our communities. As we rewind to 2013, the CEB in the Community team felt like the time was right to put some fairly aggressive 2014 goals in place for the work that we do. We’ve always tracked our work—hours volunteered, money donated, etc.—but had never written down specific goals.


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