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Celebrating CEB’s Veterans and Their Families

9 November, 2015

John Taylor

CEBer since 2014

Did you know that military veterans played a key role in developing CEB’s Ignition™ Diagnostic? In creating CEB’s Workforce Surveys and Analytics program? Or, that a veteran is head of research for all of CEB’s leadership councils?

It’s trueMilitary veterans and their families are a driving force at CEB and play a critical role in the firm’s continued growth and innovation. And, it’s easy to understand why.

Missions and Values, Aligned

For an organization powered by the force of ideas, military veterans provide a unique perspective based on experience serving in and leading large organizations. Their dedication to a larger mission helps them achieve unprecedented member impact. Their selflessness and eagerness to serve fills them with spirit of generosity. And, their experiences leading fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and women, and marines—in difficult and challenging circumstances—make them fantastic stewards of exceptional talent. 

Veterans and military family members come to CEB with globally diverse backgrounds—from the US Army to the Royal Airforce, officers and enlisted men and women, and military children and spouses. Here at CEB, they are business development associates, research directors, event staff, HR generalists, and much more.

One thing they have in common is that, drawing on various military experiences, they bring rich perspectives to our work and teams. As CEB’s chairman and CEO, Tom Monahan, wrote in a LinkedIn Influencer post, “A CEB career allows these individuals to continue defining themselves by the impact they are able to make on their communities and our members and clients.”

9-13 November Is Veterans Week at CEB

All week long, we will shine a light on the many contributions that military veterans and their families make to the firm.  We will spotlight veterans and family members, encourage veterans and their families to bring in mementos of their military service, and spark conversations about what veterans and their families mean to CEB, our members, and our teams.

Additionally, we will highlight the unique contributions CEB has on the veteran community by supporting a Washington, DC area veterans’ assistance non-profit. And, of course, we’ll have a little fun by conducting a military physical fitness test and competition, providing a yoga session, and hosting a happy hour.

Vets Fun Run
Vets Service

Be sure to follow Life at CEB on Instagram for photos from Veterans Week at CEB.

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