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Celebrating CEB’s Mosaic

22 September, 2016

CEB Mosaic, CEB’s newest Diversity & Inclusion group, celebrated its first nine months of activity in a signature event on Tuesday, 13 September at the company’s Waterview location.

CEBers saw 3D letters spelling out “M-O-S-A-I-C” upon entry into the room that night. A four-person band played jazz, complementing the quiet, comforting din of chatter and laughter. The group of about 60 attendees noshed on appetizers, ranging from vegetarian samosas to pulled pork sliders, and took photos on Polaroid cameras, adding to CEB’s Mosaic (pictured below).

Mosaic Frame

Though camaraderie was promised in the many communications leading up to the event, the excitement and true Spirit of CEB was palpable in the air. Those wandering in alone did not stay that way for long as colleagues, CEB Mosaic members, and the Corporate Leadership Team greeted them.

CEBers smiling

Carlton Yearwood, the keynote speaker, mingled with CEBers up until his address. Mr. Yearwood spoke on a number of topics surrounding his work on corporate diversity and the micro-aggressions that regularly plague companies. What seemed to be a resonating note with the room, were his thoughts on diversity, specifically, in the workplace. He challenged his audience to think of diversifying the workforce as an effort to make the organization better, not just to hit a quota.


Based on feedback from CEBers, CEB Mosaic has focused its resources on community building, talent attraction and retention, and leadership development opportunities. Most recently, CEB Mosaic hosted two installments of its “Real Talk sessions,” which provided staff with a safe and supportive environment to talk about difficult issues related to diversity and race.

As CEB research finds, “Embracing diversity and inclusion can bring a broader range of mindsets into an organization, lead to better business outcomes, and impact team collaboration.” Being in the room that night, engaging in though provoking conversations, and meeting CEBers from all backgrounds, employees had an opportunity to see that CEB is already well on its way of fulfilling its promise to include, support, and develop staff members from all cultural and racial identities.

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