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Celebrating CEB’s Community Impact in Singapore – #CEBGivesBack

10 May, 2016

At a sold out event on 22 April 2016, CEB was recognized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. This inaugural annual general meeting was organized to celebrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility, as well as the United States and Singapore’s diplomatic relations.

CEB’s very own Stuart Hedley, Managing Director for Southeast Asia Talent Management and Sales, accepted an award for “Corporate and Societal Action: Recognition for Excellence in Singapore” (CARES) on behalf of the firm. CEB received this award for its exceptional contributions to the local community every year during Global Impact Week.

With this year’s Global Impact Week in full swing, it is important to remember that CEB offices and remote CEBers around the world use this unique opportunity to turn our attention to the communities in which we work and live. Hedley and the Singapore team’s commitment to their community is something consistent across all CEB offices. And their recognition is a reminder of why Global Impact Week is more than just professionally rewarding.

CEB Singapore

Stuart Hedley accepting the CARES award on behalf of CEB Singapore.

“While CEB focuses on delivering value to our members from a commercial perspective, it felt very satisfying to know that we are being recognized for delivering value to society,” Hedley explained.

The award recognizes companies that show a commitment to and care for long-term economic and social value in Singapore. Key to this commitment is volunteerism. CEB demonstrates this annually during Global Impact Week. Last year, CEB in Singapore worked with the international non-profit ONE, whose mission is to link corporate and non-profit partners to end poverty and inequality.

CEB's Singapore Team Volunteering with ONE.

CEB’s Singapore Team Volunteering with ONE

Though all CEB offices support different and deserving organizations, the Singapore office’s recognition is a reminder of why the time we take to support the community is worth it. “This award reinforces the positive contribution we all make to our respective communities by dedicating such a small amount of our time,” shared Hedley.

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About the Author: Sammi Levy is an account management specialist and member of CEB’s Global Correspondents Team. She is a Graham Civic Scholar and graduate of the University of Florida.

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