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CEBers in Paradise: The 2015 Associates’ Circle Trip

29 September, 2015

What’s the closest you’ve ever been to paradise?

As I walked out of my hotel room on my last day of the Associates’ Circle trip, I bid farewell to a place that defines it—Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. This was the setting for one of CEB’s 2015 sales incentive trips, designed to reward top performers who are early in their business development and account management careers.

CEB Associates Circle 1

Punta Cana was the whole paradise package: palm trees, beach huts, sunrises, sunsets, and—of course—food, lots and lots of food! I inhaled the fresh air and remembered why I was there: because I’m part of one of the best places to work—CEB. I smiled thinking of how amazing this opportunity was.

That feeling of appreciation still stays with me as I reflect on the memories I made and the brilliant people I met during that trip to the Caribbean. I wish I could post an entourage of photos, but I’ll keep it simple. These photos were taken during our day at sea when we all relaxed on a catamaran and snorkeled.

CEB Associates Circle 2 CEB Associates Circle CEB Associates Circle 4 CEB Associates Circle 5

We swam. We saw sea urchins on the ocean floor. We tried, unsuccessfully, to bribe some fish with bread. And we didn’t see any sharks (as someone with an unreasonable fear of them, I was very thankful for that).

After snorkeling, we re-boarded the boat and cruised a bit more while enjoying some music and dancing. The boat stopped somewhere in the middle of the ocean, and we had a natural pool party.

Looking back, I am still amazed that CEB recognized and rewarded me—and other top business development and account management associates from around the world—with this trip to paradise. The company has done so much more for me, too. This trip allowed me to meet amazingly brilliant people and create memories that I’ll cherish always, and working at CEB allows me to develop skills that will help me throughout my career. Thank you CEB!

CEB Associates Circle 6

For even more photos from our 2015 Associates’ Circle trip to Punta Cana, go to Instagram.

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