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CEB InsightFest: What Happens When Great Minds Connect

17 September, 2015

Want to know how CEB researchers celebrate? We’ve summed it up in a single word: InsightFest.

This unique event began last year, and it takes place over two to four days in our DC, London, and Gurgaon offices, which house the majority of our research teams. InsightFest is a great opportunity for these talented individuals to network (with fellow researchers as well as members of our advisory and product teams), to learn new concepts, and to share their specialized knowledge.

CEB InsightFest

Learning Experiences that Inspire

We get inspired by filling a room with remarkably bright minds and seeing what happens. And this year’s sessions did not disappoint.

Attendees could pick from 13 “choose your own adventure” training modules that covered a broad array of topics—from public speaking to creating a new idea to maintaining personal productivity—and that helped participants learn new skills and strengthen existing ones.

The researchers also learned more about how CEB in the Community fulfills our company’s Spirit of Generosity by participating in “Root Cause for a Cause.” This pro bono experience allowed our teams to support non-profit organizations, including the Special Olympics and the American Red Cross.

“We conceived InsightFest as a way to move our research and advisory communities forward on a number of dimensions: skills, knowledge, awareness, and connections,” said Eric Braun, principal research leader and driving force behind the event. “We built the agenda around getting individuals and teams to learn not only from the masters of our craft but also from each other in a mix of settings.”

Insights that Inspire Actions

InsightFest isn’t just a chance for CEBers to connect with each other and learn more about critical skills from peers and higher-ups. The event also represents the heart of what we do as a company: turn insights into actions that make a difference.

At the core of our business and culture, we discover, create, and explain insights to our member companies and to each other. This helps our members know how to act on our research so they can be better at what they do, and it helps us get even better at generating and communicating the insights themselves.

Most importantly at InsightFest, we have fun doing it! On top of high-energy classes and breakout training sessions, InsightFest included a happy hour for researchers and advisors, and some CEB swag. In the end, this event showed our researchers how much they’re valued and helped them connect even more to the entire company.

Our Advisory Summit and InsightFest kicked off last night with a team outing. At CEB, you will work with and learn from (and possibly sing karaoke ) with truly exceptional talent. Repost @traciscroft ・・・ Before the selfies! #lifeatceb #advisorysummit

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