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CEB in Gurgaon, India: Full Speed Ahead

15 November, 2015

CEB’s presence in India has grown dramatically over the last 10 years, from 10 people in 2005 to more than 600 CEBers, across four offices, in 2015. That’s CEB India for you—an amalgamation of great ideas, talented teams, and thriving diversity!

The CEB Gurgaon office, where it all began, is located in the most popular commercial destination of the city and hosts nearly 400 CEB employees working within a variety of teams.

We collaborate to create Member Impact.

Synergy is at the heart of the Gurgaon office, where different teams coexist under one roof. The product teams support CEB’s Leadership Council research and are divided into capability-focused centers of excellence to encourage and facilitate cross-functional interaction and best practice sharing.

Our extensive technology community supports the firm’s vision, through its various flagship initiatives, such as enterprise architecture, applications development, information security, and Digital Experience Manager—the latter of which is enabling CEB to grow and evolve its digital presence, quickly making changes ranging from look and feel to how content on the web is compiled and presented. Finally, our local commercial and advisory teams work tirelessly to serve and expand CEB’s commercial footprint in Asia.

We connect great minds and turn insight into action.

This has been an exciting year, filled with opportunities for our staff to grow and develop. In September, the Gurgaon office hosted a two day CEB InsightFest event, which saw researchers from different teams across the region enthusiastically come together to network, learn new concepts, share their specialized knowledge and have a whole lot of fun! This event represents the heart of what we do as a company: turning insights into actions that make a difference for our members.

We take pride in our Spirit of Generosity.

CEB’s firm value – Spirit of Generosity – forms the premise of our community service initiatives. During our Global Impact Week in May, close to 300 CEBers from multiple locations in India worked relentlessly toward giving back to the community. Our Gurgaon staff got creative by painting murals, creating educational charts, and gardening at local schools. Apart from this, activities such as pro bono consulting projects, donation drives, and marathons organized throughout the year help us to get out and give back.

We celebrate diversity and inclusion.

CEB is committed to recruiting, developing, and managing exceptional talent from all backgrounds, and fostering a respectful, inclusive workplace in which our staff can thrive. This year, the Women at CEB India chapter was launched and since its inception, the team has focused on providing a supportive network to men and women in order to exchange ideas, explore career paths, and encourage equality of opportunity. In India, Women at CEB has organized various events focusing on health, safety, and leadership, including a speaker series with CEB leaders such as Kurt Reisenberg, Ponna Arumugam, and Margot Dehn.

So what makes CEB Gurgaon, India such a great place to work? Simple … the Gurgaon office is a perfect example of how different ideas and cultures come together in celebration of India’s diversity, whilst working toward CEB’s mission to “unlock the potential of organizations and leaders by advancing the science and practice of management.”

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