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CEB in Greater China: Growing from Strength to Strength

18 February, 2016

CEB has three offices in Greater China: Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing. Our Hong Kong office, where it all began, is located in one of the city’s most popular commercial destinations— Causeway Bay—and hosts nearly 25 employees. With 30 years of experience in talent management, CEB in Hong Kong is a leading player and rule-maker in the market. In 2015, its capabilities extended to Best Practice and Decision Support, HR, Finance, and Sales and Marketing.

In 2010 we opened an office in Shanghai, representing CEB’s first footprint in mainland China. The office, located on the Tai Cang Road, is in an area of mixed design – reconstituted, traditional mid-19th century shikumen (“stone gate”) houses on narrow alleys stand alongside modern, high-rise commercial buildings. Our presence in Shanghai has grown considerably over the past few years and we now have over 40 employees, supporting our clients’ ever-expanding needs and expectations.

In 2014, CEB began to bring its leading solutions and technology to North China—opening an office in Beijing, following high demand from local customers. We now have a team of six employees in place. With our track record for growth, we have no doubt that this team will increase over time.

CEB in China

Driving Growth with Force of Ideas

CEB Greater China is one of the firm’s fastest-growing teams globally. A willingness to drive that growth is strongly embedded in every single CEB staff member in Greater China. Being the fastest growth player in an immature market means that we need to be fast and right. And having great ideas one of key elements to be fast and right, given the complexity of the market’s immaturity and customers’ needs.

Greater China CEBers have organized formal and informal sessions, to share the data, analysis, and live cases they have worked on. They also stay up very late at the office to exchange and debate ideas with the global team to leverage their expertise. E-mail is not good enough when working across time zones. Why? Picking up a phone is much easier and quicker—we cannot afford to lose any second!

Working with Exceptional Colleagues

The teams on the ground in Greater China are pivotal to driving growth in the region and positioning CEB as the leading provider of intelligence to senior leaders. With intensive training and close alignment between career development and the firm’s growth goals, CEBers here quickly grow from good to great.

One of our team members joined the Sales division in 2013, a year after graduating. In 2014, he was promoted to the position of a business development executive and qualified for the prestigious Chairman’s Club—a CEB recognition program which celebrates an elite group of internal top performers within the commercial function. In 2015, he again acquired a seat at the Club. And in 2016 the role of business development manager awaits. This is just one example of the exceptional nature of Greater China staff!

猴年大吉 (Lots of Luck for this Monkey Year)

For those who don’t know, 2016 is a Fire Monkey year. In Chinese astrology, each year is associated with a Chinese zodiac animal sign and the one of the five elements: gold (metal), water, wood, fire, or earth. For anyone looking for a new career this New Year, we invite you to explore careers at CEB.

Fire Monkey

About the Author: Heidi Huang currently serves as CEB’s head of channel marketing in Asia, and has been a CEBer since 2011.

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