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CEB Celebrates 7th Annual Global Impact Week

16 May, 2017

Our seventh annual Global Impact Week began on May 8th and is finished May 12th.  This is a special opportunity to get our associates out of their day jobs, and get into their communities.  Over the past week, thousands of CEB, now Gartner associates across the world have moved with the power of one company to make a difference.

Global Impact Week is a show of what we do best.  Serve.  Each CEB, now Gartner associate is wired to serve – taking the problems of members and clients, or colleagues and making them our own.  We’ve seen that service ethic on display thousands of times over the past week.

This year marks the seventh week of service events to engage our global workforce and community partners.  More than 3,600 volunteers participated in over 40 cities and 10 Global Impact Week Fellows will spent a week on a service mission in Guatemala.

We increased our focus on the community during this past week and it has paid off.

If you are interested in joining our growing team, view our open jobs here.


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