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Build the Best and Close the Gaps: CEB’s Talent Development Business

13 October, 2015

At CEB we are—by far—the most expert firm in the business of identifying opportunities to improve corporate performance. Our talent measurement assessments and best practice programs offer the world’s most powerful insights about what “great” looks like and where most individuals and organizations fall short.

The Talent Development part of our business plays a critical role in helping close those gaps. We drive enterprise, functional, and individual performance through the development programs that we deliver to our members and clients.

This year, our team will lead more than 1,400 live, in-person training sessions around the world. And on any given business day, more than 200 professionals are attending CEB sessions. We teach in more than 40 countries and 13 different languages, including Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, German, Swedish, Italian, and French.

CEB Knows Talent

A Relentless Focus on Application

Our research shows that almost half of all learning doesn’t get applied on the job. Or in other words, employees never have a chance to use what they have learned during the development program! We help other organizations tackle that problem in three ways:

  1. We deliver our programs in the context of the learner. We know their functions and jobs, and we build learning experiences that help them address the very specific challenges they face.
  2. Our instructional design centers on application. We build our programs with application in mind.
  3. We drive application through technology. For some of the learning we deliver, we provide tools to structure learning and receive feedback while on the job.

Again, the classroom session is part of the overall development experience. Much of the experience is delivered online and on-the-job.

CEB Challenger Development Program™

Our Challenger™ research is the most exciting advance in sales (and increasingly marketing) in over two decades. Our newest sales offering provides a video platform where users can practice their Challenger™ pitches. And, to date, we have more than 60,000 alumni of the Challenger Development Program™.

As well-known as our Challenger research has become, our Leadership Academies are very successful as well. Since the launch of the Leadership Academies in 2007, we’ve worked with nearly 20,000 business professionals.

Want a Compelling Career in Talent Development?

Our team consists of full-time staff, CEB alumni, and former CEB members, including heads of sales or learning and development. Much of our growth is in international markets for in-language delivery. Typically, we hire for our consultant teams, facilitators, and more.

Currently, we are looking for qualified candidates who have a genuine interest and curiosity for how organizations solve commercial or functional issues, combined with a demonstrated expertise in facilitation. This includes the ability to take a “coach’s” approach to learning—helping participants self-discover through a first instinct to “ask versus tell” in presentation.

Interested candidates are encouraged to visit to learn more.

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