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Brian McAlpin

Director, Finance

I'm excited to be part of CEB Pride and to showcase the diversity and inclusion of our company. I've always had a passion for politics and exploring ways to make a positive difference.

Donavan Thomas

Marketing / CEBer since 2012

Favorite CEB Moment: I really look forward to Global Impact Day (now week!) each year - I love seeing the whole company come together to help in our communities.

Jennifer Beyer

Talent Acquisition / CEBer since 2005

Favorite CEB Moment: It was our first day in the new CEB Waterview office (years ago), and I was setting up my desk overlooking the Potomac River … it really made me realize that CEB was moving forward in the business world.

John Taylor

CEBer since 2014

Julia Valentine

Marketing / CEBer since 2010

Favorite CEB moment: When the sun came out for Global Impact Day back in 2012, such a beautiful day. We helped a school redecorate and also prepared the playground for a school fete the next day. Blazing sun for the whole day while we were outside in the playground painting and gardening was too good to be true. We finished the day by going to a lovely local pub.

Lisa Landis

CEBer since 2010

Favorite CEB Moment: Seeing our first Global Service Day come to fruition in 2011. Absolutely amazing day to watch unfold around the world in just 24 hours.

Marika Krausova

Research Consultant/Associate Director

Marika Krausova is a research consultant on the CEB Sales Leadership Council team. Her specialization is in quantitative data analysis, and she lives and breathes for surveys and data sets. She is also currently aspiring to become the CEB Sales Leadership Council’s resident expert on member diagnostics and econometric modeling mastermind. You are bound to notice that her blogs will be containing lots of numbers and statistical information. When she’s not running regressions, she spends her time spoiling her two big fluffy mutts rotten, and coordinating dog adoption events for a dog rescue non-profit.

Negin Rezazad

Meeting Recruitment Specialist / CEBer since 2014

Favorite CEB moment: Spending a solid hour counting all the toys that my floor had brought for the Toys for Tots drive, we needed quite a few boxes!

Rajiv Desai

Executive Advisor - FS Operations Leadership Council

Shannon Smedstad

Global Communications / CEBer since 2014

Favorite CEB Moment: My favorite moment, so far, was the champagne and cupcake launch party for It was amazing to see the team’s ideas and hard work come to life, and then celebrate this achievement together.

Warren Thune

Group President / CEBer since 2004

Warren Thune currently leads all of CEB’s Talent Management products and services. He is a strong leader with a proven record of motivating people, and is the corporate champion for CEB Pride.


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