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7 CEB Interns Share the Most Valuable Part of Their Internship

5 August, 2016

A CEB internship provides students with meaningful training and work experience while fulfilling the work requirements of a specific CEB program or department. Let’s meet the 2016 interns and hear some of their most valuable lessons learned.

  1. “It’s been great to have the freedom to reach out and explore all aspects of CEB. I’ve learned more about the HR space in five weeks than I could have picked up from a couple of college classes. My internship with the Middle Market team has provided a wide variety of learning opportunities including joint dials, pitch practice, call shadows, and lunch outings.”– Maggie, Chicago sales intern

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2. “The most valuable thing about working at CEB has been learning from all the great full time staff and hearing about how their careers developed out of college. Everyone has been so friendly and willing to help, which has really helped me figure out where I want my professional life to head once I graduate next year.”– Caleb, Chicago sales intern

3. “I am so grateful for my time at CEB thus far. It is the perfect place to start off my career and to grow in a corporate setting. As an intern, I am surrounded by hard working, driven professionals who are more than willing to answer any questions I have and help me with any projects I am working on. The employees at CEB are extremely humble and fun to be around. I appreciate the corporate setting, which is wonderfully unique and am grateful to have started off my career at a company that has exceptional values starting from the top executives.” – Olivia, Arlington sales intern

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4. “I have been able to familiarize myself with SalesForce and various prospecting techniques and put them to the test, and I think having those proficiencies will be useful moving forward.” Stephen, Chicago sales intern

5. “Developing my research skills at CEB has been a valuable learning experience. I have learned how to be more resourceful researching information, as well as learning techniques on how to approach members.” – Manjaap, Chicago sales intern

6. “I really feel like another employee here and not just an intern. Although the work may be slightly less or different than that of a full-time employee, everyone acts like I am part of the team, and I enjoy spending time with the people that work here in the Chicago office. My most valuable learning experience has definitely come from partnering with CEB employees, from talking to them about their personal work experience to listening to different lessons they have learned throughout their careers. Everyone is very open to sharing their experiences and knowledge and they have helped me a lot this summer.” Corey, Chicago sales intern

7. “The component of my research internship that has stood out the most has undoubtedly been the diversity of work. I have worked on an array of projects including the development of a new Leadership Council within the Finance practice and a complete overhaul of the research portal for employees. I truly felt like I was making a tangible impact, even as an intern!” – Cameron, Arlington research intern

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