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3 Ways to Build a Stronger Personal Brand on LinkedIn

28 October, 2016


One of the routine tasks for my college friends and I almost immediately following graduation was to update or, in some cases, create our LinkedIn profiles. Although I was always happy to offer my advice, opinion, or thoughts on my friends’ profiles when consulted, I always felt a sinking sensation when I took a look at my own LinkedIn profile. The act of updating it brought up a lot of questions that I felt unprepared to answer, such as: What field did I want to master? What did I want to be known for? What is the sweet spot between being professional and personal? I would later come to understand that the answers to those questions, although seldom definitive, can start to be answered by the creation of a personal brand. Although the building of a personal brand goes beyond an online presence, LinkedIn is a great place to start. It’s a great platform to intertwine your personal interests with your career. Although I continue to learn more about personal brand, I’ve been lucky enough to pick up enough tips from colleagues, friends, and mentors through the last three years since college graduation to ease the experience of updating my LinkedIn profile. Here are some quick tips to jazz up your LinkedIn profile and help you establish a stronger personal brand. 

Start with the basics.

The wonderful thing about LinkedIn is that it’s the perfect platform to think about how your personal self fits into your work. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to weave personal aspects into your experience and qualifications.

Let’s start with the basics. When visiting your LinkedIn profile, make sure you have the following:

Make it personal.


Part of developing your personal brand on LinkedIn is determining the nature of the interaction you hope to gain with your peers, mentors, and colleagues. Interestingly, some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned on connecting with others have come from my current connections.

Regardless of how impressive your experience, qualifications, or skills may be, you are more than a collection of bullets. That’s why employers like to interview potential hires – because they want to know more about the person behind the skills. Developing a personal brand is just a way of filling in the gaps between the lines of your resume.

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