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2015 Firm Values Awards: Celebrating Talent, Ideas, and Powerful Results

22 February, 2016


By Caroline Bennett, writer and CEBer since 2014

When a new year rolls in at CEB, we plan our strategy for the coming months and thank a special group of individuals who have embodied our company’s four core values over the year. It’s a meaningful way to recognize talented people who have accomplished amazing things across the firm.

The Firm Values Awards never disappoint, and especially not in 2015. Take a look at our list of winners below:

Force of Ideas

The value, defined: The great ideas we create here enable leaders and teams to transform their performance.

CEB fuels the world’s top companies with big ideas and best practices. And, talented CEBers often apply their brainpower and ideas to reinvigorate aspects of our own business model.

This year, Jared D. spearheaded a project to transform CEB’s tax group into a true strategic asset for the firm. Our revamped tax team led to better profitability and cash flow. This is just one example of what can happen when great ideas are put to work.

Stewardship of Exceptional Talent

The value, defined: We believe in the power of people coming together to learn from each other, stretch themselves beyond what they thought possible, and discover new ways to grow within their careers— and themselves.

It’s no easy feat to bring together three separate businesses, and then have them work together cohesively as one team. But that is exactly what Christy F. accomplished within our ANZ market this year.

Christy worked tirelessly to promote company-wide collaboration and structural integration, so that our members could benefit from the full range of CEB’s products and services. But this mind-set isn’t just good for our members—it helps our talent, too.

Christy put equal effort into fostering a special culture that brings people together, and her leadership and stewardship are already paying off. Her work is proof that even though we are a global company, the efforts of one person can make a massive difference.

Spirit of Generosity

The value, defined: The relationships we build go beyond the commercial and into generous exchange— we feel honest joy from serving our members, colleagues, and communities.

Our pro bono commitments reached a whole new level in 2015, giving 600 hours to TechHire, a White House initiative that helps Americans build skills for high-paying technology jobs and calls on employers to fill these roles with untraditional talent.

We assembled a TechHire team that used unique data and talent analytics to help leaders find and assess their communities’ opportunities. From there, we created and presented an Employer Handbook that explained the benefits of nontraditional IT hiring and how employers can recruit, hire, and keep these new employees.

The impressive volunteer effort and commitment of the TechHire team (Shalini D, Emma K., and Greg K.), was a truly extraordinary example of how our in-house data and best practices can be used to address a significant labor market challenge.

Member Impact

The value, defined: We succeed when our members do, and we work tirelessly to build innovative solutions that expedite this success.

Our recent research has revealed a powerfully disruptive insight: that customer loyalty is built on effortless—not delightful—experiences.

We’ve since built a suite of products from these findings, and our Effortless Experience Insight Franchise Team (Jayme O., Lauren P., Erin D., Erica H., Lara P., and Peter S.) connected different elements of CEB’s business offerings, in order to quickly ramp up a line of products that could create the greatest member impact possible.

This was a complex project, and this team expertly pulled it off with great outcomes. The Effortless Experience insight franchise is now poised to lead to greater, more meaningful partnerships with our members.

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