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100% Proud: CEB Named a Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality

19 November, 2015

Brian McAlpin

Director, Finance

Just one year after the initial launch of CEB Pride, CEB has scored a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) 2016 Corporate Equality Index (CEI). Now, you may be wondering what this index is and why it is important. In the United States, the CEI is the benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees.

This designation is an important tool in attracting and retaining the top talent available; talent that will provide a meaningful and positive impact for CEB. Achieving a perfect score earns CEB the distinction of being named a “Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality.”

HRC CEI Logo 2016

We achieved this score and recognition by:


What this Means to CEB Pride Members

“Today, we stand with many of our client companies in an ongoing effort to affect real change in the workplace.  Although 2015 saw great progress towards equality, we are reminded regularly that more work needs to be done.  I’m proud of the collaborative effort of CEBers around the world to achieve this great milestone and look forward to working toward full equality in our communities.”
Warren Thune, Group President and Executive Sponsor for CEB Pride

“It makes me proud that CEB has scored 100% on the HRC’s CEI.  My hope is that this milestone inspires other LGBT employees to be who they are at work.”
David Dunleavy, Chair for CEB Pride

“By scoring a 100 on HRC’s CEI, it is my way of knowing I can truly and fearlessly be who I am at CEB. I am honored to be part of this momentous step at CEB and excited about contributing to future endeavors for workplace equality.”
Rajiv Desai,
Community Service Lead for CEB Pride

CEB Pride Love Wins

“Scoring 100 on HRCs CEI is an aspiration for most companies. CEB once again, doesn’t just “talk the talk” but “walks the walk” by accomplishing this honor in the 1st year of our CEB Pride launch. Now there is even more credibility to our focus on the needs of the LGBT community.”
Ginger Noce, HR Lead for CEB Pride 

“I’m proud of the leaders and colleagues who tirelessly worked to secure this recognition from the HRC. Continuing to replicate this sort of initiative globally will help us communicate to prospective members and talent in all our markets the distinct competitive advantage that CEB’s diverse group of minds offers.”
Patrick Lynch, London Lead for CEB Pride

“I’m proud to work for a company that scored a perfect 100 on the CEI while still continuing to look for opportunities to increase equality and inclusiveness in our workplace. I’m honored to be a part of this progress and looking forward to continuing this ongoing work with the CEB community.”
Shaun Loria, Ally Supporter for CEB Pride

“Scoring 100% on the HRC CEI truly defines the phrase we strive to embody as an organization, “One CEB.” This accomplishment would not be possible without the collective support of our fearless leaders, CEB Pride members, supportive colleagues, and so many more.”
Hunter Smith, Communications Lead for CEB Pride

As a CEBer and one of the founders and leaders of CEB Pride, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see the organization I’ve worked at for over 10 years join other prestigious organizations to be recognized for the work that we do to provide an equitable and inclusive work environment. Our motto is “CEB … What the Best Companies Do” and that is certainly exemplified in this distinction.

Our goal is today and remains tomorrow, to attract the best and brightest, and I hope that by attaining this achievement my colleagues and potential job applicants realize the impact this has on the lives of not only their LGBT peers, friends, and family members but our community as a whole. And, while we are thrilled to have our work and CEB recognized, we’re just getting started …


Interested in learning more about the 2016 Corporate Equality Index? Follow the conversation on Twitter using #CEI2016.

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