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10 Questions with Per Carlsson—Managing Director, Nordics Talent Assessment

28 April, 2016

In our latest senior leader Q&A, meet Per Carlsson, MD for CEB’s Talent Assessment business in the Nordics. Per candidly shares his professional experiences and shines the spotlight on what he likes to get up to away from work, his top travel destinations, and more.

Per Carlsson CEB

Can you tell me about your role?

I’m responsible for CEB’s talent assessment business across the Nordics. My team helps organizations to identify new talent, and realize the value and potential of their people.

How would you describe the CEB Nordic culture?

It’s a very pragmatic, no-nonsense, down to earth culture. Our solutions need to be immediately applicable, in order to produce results quickly. We’re also highly collaborative—undertaking cross border work with colleagues in Denmark, Stockholm, Norway, and Finland and across a range of global CEB offices.

What’s been your best moment at CEB?

Without doubt, my best moments center on customer feedback. My team and I are incredibly proud when customers take the time to tell us how delighted they are with our level of service and the impact that our solutions have had on the corporate performance of their business.

What do you know now, that you wished you’d known when you first started at CEB?

From a purely professional standpoint, I wish I had known how challenging the creation of new people development solutions would have been. It’s a long, rigorous process to come up with solutions that stand the test of time, delivering the information and insight our customers need to manage and leverage their talent.

When hiring for your team, what do you look for?

The most important attributes are an interest and ability to learn and develop, as CEB has such a wide breadth of expertise. I’d also rank agility and innovation high on my list of ‘must-haves’.

What is the best career advice you’ve been given?

As a young consultant, I was advised to strive to exceed the expectations of the customer. I consider this great advice, applicable across so many professions

Who or what inspired you recently and why?

This year I was lucky enough to participate in CEB’s Leadership Excellence Program. During the first session I met a range of CEBers who inspired me, in terms of their experience, knowledge, willingness to take on challenges, and supportive nature.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I love spending time outdoors and particularly enjoy skiing and hiking. I also enjoy traveling—it’s always great to experience different cultures first-hand.

What is one destination everyone should add to his or her travel bucket list?

Right at the top of the list is Stockholm, Sweden. It’s such a beautiful city. There are lots of things to do and see, coupled with great food. If I had a second option, I’d opt for Sri Lanka–it’s simply breathtaking!

What is your favorite “life hack” in balancing your personal or professional life?

Make sure you provide time and space for your own interests. It helps to recharge your batteries and bring a sense of balance and calm into your life.


About the Author: Eliza Krigman is a senior analyst who helps executives at Fortune 500 companies do their jobs better. She has been a CEBer working the UK since 2015, and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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