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10 Questions with Ornella Chinotti—Managing Director, Italy and France

19 April, 2016

In our “10 Questions with” series, you’ll learn more about the people behind our growing business. This month we shine the spotlight on Ornella Chinotti, the firm’s managing director in Italy and France for Talent Management, who has been with CEB since 1990.

Ornella Chinotti

Can you tell me about your role?

My role is to manage CEB’s Talent Measurement business across Italy and France. Within this, I help to grow CEB’s presence through various networks, and work hard to ensure we really understand the business environment of the client, so CEB can support their desired business outcome. An example that comes to mind was our work with an international automaker, in which our talent measurement services positively impacted the number of manufacturing errors by 50 percent. This service has since been rolled out globally.

What CEB project makes you get up in the morning?

There isn’t a specific project that I’d say makes me get up in the morning, but I am really passionate about leadership and relish working with the smart people on my team. I am just generally excited by the opportunity to ensure CEB Talent Measurement has an even greater impact in the future.

What is your favourite member moment and why?

So many to choose from! But, I think one which really made me smile was our work with a European manufacturer of automotive brake systems. We delivered a presentation on Enterprise Leadership at ReimagineHR in London, and their HR director was there.

He came to us and said, “You have the right solution. You can help me create a more networked company.” This was quite exciting for me because here was a C-level executive with a vision, but didn’t know how to get there. He saw CEB as the solution and spoke with his board, and we are now helping him to make his vision a reality.

How do you think CEBers can better serve our members?

I think we can seem a little bureaucratic because so there is so much complexity in the organizations we work with. As a global company working with other multi-national companies, we are trying to make our interactions with members as seamless as possible.

In your own words, what do you see as CEB’s biggest challenges?

We offer so many different products and services; I think we should try to simplify how we engage with members and clients to avoid potential overlap of territories.

How can our teams innovate to overcome this challenge?

We could do more to segment our clients, perhaps offering additional services for international clients or those that are particularly complex.

What was your biggest professional setback and how did you overcome it?

This is a difficult question to answer! SHL (acquired by CEB in 2012) provided me with so many opportunities, early on in my career, as part of a growing company. Personally, I find it frustrating when clients don’t want to engage, but it provides a good opportunity for me to help my team think creatively and ask them to consider what the client hasn’t (but should be) thinking about.

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as dinner guest?

Leonardo Da Vinci because, in this person, I see all the potential that each of us has to be successful … such a magnificent scientist, artist, and overall creator.

For what in life do you feel most grateful?

Everything related to art. I would like to be a dancer because it brings together movement, art, and music so effortlessly.

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality of ability, what would it be?

Speak at least three languages, so I can better understand different cultures.


About the Author: Luke Woollen is a Business Development Specialist serving chief sales officers in EMEA. He has been at CEB since 2014 and was a program manager in 2015 for our TeachFirst pro bono consulting project.


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